Abrams Armor

Not true, the “muh 5 hulls” excuse (as someone else put it) was amended the next year to be unlimited, and we have multiple secondary sources saying that there has been DU in the hulls of at the very least the M1A1 HA, M1A1 SA, and M1A2 SEPv2. And those are the ones that have 4-5+ sources, for ones with 2-3 you add the M1A1 AIM, M1A2, and M1A2 SEP to that list.

This is what I’ve accumulated over ten minutes or so:

^^ This one explicitly showing that DU hulled Abrams were used in combat

Source about Swedish Trials being export versions with worse armor than the US domestic DU Abrams:

Additional sources about the armor of the Abrams improving since the later M1A1 variants (they are essentially copy-paste right now):