Ability to move Radar/IRST when "constant elevation of antenna" is on

So currently, when you have “Constant elevation of antenna” option on, you cannot move your radar dish up or down, and it is not a bug, so what we have in game, is either you have your radar dish pointed all the times to the last position you moved it (horizon stabilized), or fixed to the position of your nose, WITHOUT the ability to move it up and down.

And here is my game mechanic/controls suggestion: Give the pilot ability to move radar dish vertically when “Constant elevation of antenna” option is on. How it would look like is, whenever for example you point your radar upwards and set it to certain altitude, after you set it and pull up, the radar instead of being fixed to the horizon, would move with the aircraft, and continue to scan stuff above its radar nose, in comparison, if you would have set up your radar dish to scan above your nose currently (and to do that you would need to set the constant elevation of antenna off) and pull upwards, it would keep scanning the are it was last pointed at, and you would start to scan for targets below your nose.

Here are simple screenshots of how it works currently, and how i would like it to work:

With “constant elevation of antenna” on(Its the only way you are able to move your radar up and down):
Here the radar antenna is up, and nose is leveled.

and after pitching up

Here the radar antenna is below the aircraft, and nose is pitched up.

Now how i would like it to work, with “constant elevation of antenna” ON:
Here the radar antenna is up, and nose is leveled.

and after pitching up

here the radar dish is STILL above the aircraft, even if it pitched up.

Let me know if you would like to see this “mechanic” be added to the game (i would love to see it)

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I think it would be a great addition, it’s always better to have options and this would be a great addition

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we absolutely need this

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