Abandon World War Mode and Bring Back RB Enduring Confrontation

WW mode just isn’t working. It’s an okay idea on paper but clearly it doesn’t click with a vast majority of players. It’s a confusing glorified chess board.

Rather than waste more time on this dead mode, why not bring in a game mode that people actually want. A longer form, strategic game mode: RB Enduring Confrontation.

Maybe there’s a way you can combine Naval, Ground and Air into one mode or maybe not.

But even as separate modes, RB Enduring Confrontation is desperately needed, especially at the upper tiers.

Many of us want a game mode that lasts more than 7 minutes.

Give us Air RB EC. Give us Ground RB EC.

Stop wasting your time with World War Mode.


I feel like that is genuinely a good idea, i have never tried world war because its barely ever available. However i need to know how exactly would it be? like would their still be name tags or would it be a third person mouse aim simulator mode

The only Reason World War Mode Failed is because it’s poorly optimized. The lack of Chat, an in-game translator as well as proper global VOIP aka Voice Chat. This means the gamemode was bound to fail in the first place. Not one of the maps was designed at all with World War Mode in mind. The fact we cannot communicate with the commander also doesn’t help and without a voting of where to go next makes it even worse.

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I would imagine the mode being a lot like Sim EC but i would hope friendly markers would remain on. I think it would be helpful to also have enemy markers appear when they’re within a certain radius of your airfield - just to help the team thats being camped.

Theres other ideas that i believe could help EC like the idea of AI reinforcements for the losing team or even a 10% bonus for the team thats losing past a certain point - like if they have under 25% of tickets remaining.

There’s also mid air refueling, SEAD, naval targets and other objectives that could be added.

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Any longer mode will have the same problems as WWM that would need to be addressed first:

  1. larger squadrons/squadron alliances
  2. alliance chat in game
  3. meaningful non-vehicle recognition (probably through better service records)

Fix those three issues and larger modes than the current random battles become viable (you could have WWM, EC, etc.), otherwise we have what we have today. You can only outsource so much of making forms of alliance play work to Discord.

  1. Wouldn’t this make the mode more difficult? I know one of the big issues people complain about is squad stacking and the lack of a squad vs squad matchmaker. If one team has a giant squad and the other doesn’t then you may just increase the steamrolling.

  2. Isnt the team chat an alliance chat. I guess im co fused by this point?

  3. What does this mean?

So I talk a little about the structural problems that made WWM ineffective here: Player opinion on the World War mode - #26 by Bruce_R1, which explains all three problems a little better.

Re your 1), squadrons, not squads. For WWM to work it really needed alliances big enough to support 24/7 play and squadrons that were locked at 128 people max couldn’t sustain that. If squadrons could team up into groups, or squadrons could temporarily add new solo players to their rosters so they keep coming back, then you could get the critical masses of players you need to support bigger than 16x16 modes of play.

  1. In WWM and EC right now, there’s no way in game for a general to talk to their soldiers, unless those soldiers are all in the same squadron (see above). So no attaboys, no good jobs, no join our squadrons, no come back tomorrows. It makes every game its own game. An alliance chat channel above squadron chat is how other MMOs solve this.

  2. With WWM if you gave vehicles as rewards for play it was toxic, everyone played the game to min/max the vehicles which rarely was what their generals and teammates wanted them to do. But if you didn’t give vehicles, no one played. They need another means of recognition, better than decals or decorations (which no one cares about) but less than actual vehicles. A service record overhaul could open up new options there that don’t exist right now, like, gilt edging on the borders for WWM/EC “veterans.” (That’s just an example, people could come up with better than that.)