Which BR for pure WW2?

probably like 5.3, but there are postwar vehicles at practically all BRs, mainly because BR is based on vehicle performance, and not the age or era it is from.

at least at 5.3, you are going to be seeing 90% WW2 vehicles, there are a few postwar vehicles in a max uptier to 6.3, and the aforementioned other postwar vehicles around the 5.3 BR (R3-T20-HS, PT-76 etc) but none of those vehicles are honestly very scary or annoying. (oh except that new Leopard 1 with a bofors on it is 5.0 until Gaijin grow some common sense and throw it up to like 6.7 where it should be)


Right now, playing 5.3 mostly means running into hordes of M109s, though. 😁

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War Thunder is the most realistic war game out.
You don’t know what realism means or you’re jerkin chains.

Might be for a child like you

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DCS, IL-2, ARMA, etc


Ah yes, you live in opposite world where all adults are children.
I get that you hate realism but the rest of us like it.

Arma isn’t realistic in any sector.
DCS is only catching up to War Thunder’s realism this year & last year. Clicky buttons doesn’t mean realism, and I know this cause I play both.
IL-2 is dated so it likely lacks realism in physics.

DCS is way more realistic than war thunder. And I’m fairly sure GHPC has better tank physics and simulations too.

This isn’t just physics, this is the situations you are put in. How you battle in war thunder is incredibly unrealistic, both in air and ground.


Joke take

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Dude, Arma has physics from 2004. It physically cannot be realistic. It’s a great large arcade game.

Warthunder was unrealistic years ago and has descended steadily into farce ever since if you can’t see that then it says more about you than me.


What systems in War Thunder lack realism?
& what systems in War Thunder have gone away from realism?
Cause I’ll tell you something, F-16C in WT & DCS have identical flight models, cause both companies use publicly available graph data to model their FMs.
A-10 in both games have same flight model.
& currently WT & DCS open beta have the same atmospheric density simulations.

WT’s landing physics is among the best in gaming period.

Yes, in 2015 WT lacked landing physics & good ground physics; times changed, the systems changed.
I’m still waiting for the day DCS updates its ground physics myself so anything that isn’t a runway is able to be gone over without having to respawn.

LOL Capture the airstrip in your F16 and tell me about realism in Warthunder hahaha !

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? That’s not a cohesive English term.
Use standard English please.

It was cohesive enough for me and I am English.

Everything. This entire game is simply a ‘run & gun’ mosh pit arcade game. Basic stuff like Turmzielfernrohrs, vehicle interiors, &/or cockpits do not exist or even function. Loadouts/payloads on vehicles are nerfed at whim. Armor code is guesstimated trash. Time travelling things, objects & projekts are everywhere. The maps are circa 1990s basic cookie cutter 3 cap maps designed without any teamwork or gameplay in mind. Anyone remember that primative game Red Orchestra 1 with the Armored Beasts mod? Even with that thing’s issues, it still makes this game look like a joke


There are no loadouts that are nerfed. Nerfing of weapons does not happen “at whim” in War Thunder, it is exclusively in response to historical reports or other primary documents.

There’s no such thing as time-traveling things, as this simulator isn’t about reliving history; This is a war games simulator, you want historical reenactment there are other paths.
BTW, historical reenactment isn’t any more realistic than War Thunder.

All simulators estimate modern armor, welcome to reality.
As for interiors, they exist and are fine. Universal gunner sight picture isn’t unrealistic.

So you’ve listed a total of zero unrealistic things about War Thunder thus far.

Really? Go tell that all the aircraft that are still missing the SB 2500, SC 2500, SC 2000, SC 1800, SC 10, SD 4, Hs 293 in their payloads, all the fighters that are missing their payloads, all the ground attack aircraft that are neutered as hell, all the tanks that still have non-functional coaxial/ball mount MG and/or are still missing their Fliegerbeschussgerät, all the vehicles that are still missing basic round types such as HE, HEAT or Smoke, all the vehicles that have their armor randomly reduced on a whim such as the Stug III, the Sturmtiger, and/or everything with a Kugelblende 50 and tell that to the ships, especially the premium S-204 lang and/or AF D3 that had equipment stolen from it such as the R.Ag.M42 on it or 2 cm weapons, mines, or depth charges on others. And these are cursory, hasty examples. I would recommend that you go through the bug report area and really look in there to see how unrealistically infantile that this game is


I mean you are technically correct - as the basic understanding of “nerfed” is to take something away what was formerly implemented.

So if gaijin does not implement correct loadouts it is not a nerf - it is just the evidence that this claim:

is misleading - as they decide what they want to implement and what not.

In your following words you use the terminology simulator - sorry wt is not even close to that.

But despite all it’s flaws and weaknesses - the game as a whole still offers the best package in this market. And therefore a hell of people (including me) enjoy playing wt if they found ways to deal with it’s downsides.

So imho there is no need to defend gaijin like this famous speaker of the Iraq government (aka “Baghdad Bob”) as most players are fully aware of all of the downsides - and still love it.

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As long as the loadouts are equipment that can be used, then it’s correct.
Any other standard is subjective.

War Thunder is a simulator, if it isn’t then there are no simulators in the world if one of if not the most realistic simulator isn’t considered one.
Simulators have downsides, welcome to reality.

Which aren’t nerfed loadouts. “Missing” weapons you want isn’t unrealistic.
DCS doesn’t have B61 nuclear bombs on F-18, F-16, F-15E, etc; which means you’re calling DCS an arcade game.

Non-functional machine guns have been part of simulators forever, welcome to flaws in simulators.

The fact you & Wick claim there are no simulators ever made is hilarious.