Aa protection

Ok. So that is a lot of words to admit you have implied air being overpowered.

I get denying that have would make sense if you didn’t intend to say so, but idk why you would deny it when you meant to.

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I have never said that it is overpowered.

It is unbalanced.

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what about this?

So when you said:

You mean unbalanced?

You do realize something can be unbalanced and overpowered at the same time? You know, like you wrote in that message


I have explained to him what his overpowered means really.


So its:

These are not mutually exclusive statements.

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But people belive that air overpowered but it is just unbalaced due to how it is implemented in the gamemode and due to the class characteristics.

You can’t balance ground and air.

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Okay. So it is as you say:

I dont know why you would attempt to dodge the fact you have said that air is underpowered.

As I have said, I tried to explain to You why people belive they are ‘overpowered’

Forgot to use “”

Air is not overpowered per say, but people see that as it is unbalanced and will forever be due to the units characteristics.

Why is it unbalanced?

By the game desing and implementation in the gamemode

A bit more specific please.

No you pretty definetely put forward your own belief. And its in line with “air is overpowered” You just shy away from saying that which is odd.

Some statements to that effect:

By the definition of unbalanced, something necessarily has to be “overpowered” In some way. You then say that air will allways have the upper hand. Meaning air is overpowered

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I have already explained it multiple times.

Tanker can’t do anything about enemy plane with a bomb.

If You know better what I have meant, there is no point in having discussion.


Air units are not overpowered. How they are implemented makes them unbalanced.

Ok, so just in denial on words work.

I will reffer to cambria dictionary for your reading:

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From the site:

‘not fair or equal’

While for overpowered:

‘having more power than is needed to be effective’

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I have long ago :)

Why would i do that if it is the mode i prefer playing?

I bet your “argument” is, that AB is easier, yet your stats in AB are even worse than your stats in RB (0.71 K/D in AB vs 0.83 K/D in RB).

By that you ahve said a few skills a tanker needs :)

Drive to an advantageous position - you need to know them on pretty much all of the maps.
And you not only have to learn those positions, but you have to know what tank can take advantage of them. You might get a nice hulldown position (where gun depression is needed), but it is worthless if you use a soviet tank. And so on.

Aim at a weak spot - you have to memorize 1000s of them. Not just that they are weak spots, but the protection they have, and the effect of your shot if you hit them there.
You might know that the Tiger has a cupola weak spot, but it is worthless if you use solidshot.
You might see the big tumor on the Turán III, but it will do nothing if you shoot it with a Panzer IV, because it either overpens or the explosion only kills the commander.
My favourite. Where do you shoot a T26E5 with APHE (assume it can’t pen the upper plate)?
Most people shoot the driver’s port, and then it does nothing. I shoot the sides of the lower plate, that is not only consistent, but also much weaker than the port. Same goes for a T29/30/32/34, with the only exception being the T32E1, where you shoot the turret top.
And again, the list goes on.

Wow, you compare 2 completly different things. Don’t forget that tanks won’t fall from the sky when their engine is dead :)

It is just plain false.


OMG, something with armor, and multiple crew members can take hits?

On the other hand, on a serious note, planes in some aspects have way more survivability, than tanks.
I have told you many times, but you know, planes can survive a 155mm proxy HE exploding less than 10m from them, while the pilot not having to deal with overpressure (while tanks have to), nor are the shrapnels killing the polit, despite you would need ~50mm ABT-101 to stop a 155mm HE shrapnel from 10m away.
Can you provide me with the name of at least 1 plane with that level of protection all around the pilot?

Woopsie, somebody tries to deflect.
This is also a pretty terrible try, because every single knowledge you have talked about workes the same in AB, so, nice fail.

This is a reoccuring issue with him :)

For the record, his stats:
Avg with tanks: 1.1, avg with CAS: 1.74.

Yeah, 3.75 K/D is appearently bad. Come back when you have a tank with over 3 K/D outside rank 1.

Most Weakspots are very easy to find.

If You know what You are looking at.

Not to mention that for different ammo You should at some cases aim differently

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Of course but it’s stilleasy in most cases.