Aa protection

Give propper AA protection in the helicopter spawn


If you want proper AA protection then just spawn at the rear one.


Chuck more random batteries, all over the 70 degree arc back from the battlefield and make it more risky overall.

nosense and a waste of time

Well the front AA isn’t going to change due to it being to OP when they first added it. Planes would get shot down just going over the enemy tank spawn.

Plus you don’t even have any experience in using helicopters. Maybe play more to properly know what its like.


Dude i dont play arcade with helis

Ok I apologize for that statement.
Yet I’m still not wrong about it not changing.

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He is right tho.

It had proper AA protection, but it was removed because it was interfering with planes above the combat area.


no, 3 matches in a row in which i get killed literally 7 seconds after taking off, heli spawns need more protection and acuracy if the enemy is close

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As CAS players themselves would say ‘just spawn in SPAA bro’.


Should’ve just been tweaked, rather than knee-jerk removed on a whim.

As any player who’s able to function without fixating on what got them and how bad the player was for using it would tell you, Spawn SPAA, it is there for that reason.

(Edit - Just spawn SPAA…)


Then fighters are doing their job. If there’s fighters in the air then just don’t spawn in a helicopter cause you’re just going to die.


Jeez, I’m a “bad player,” and I’m not that bad.

Not to dog on skills, but uh, yeah @MarcosMR, maybe try to get better at ground if that’s your main gameplay. I have learned from experience, it takes a while to menatally click into the different game modes when play hopping, because I like to do Air RB and Ground RB, as well as Air Sim.

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He doesn’t play arcade.

Also I wouldn’t say he’s that bad from the K/D that’s shown.

the FARP is too close to the battle, shouldnt have AA at all except whats provided by the players.

There are no way those stats are real, he must use a backup every match to have almost double the deaths he has as match played in vehicles. 💀

playing CAS doesn’t automatically make someone trash, I personally like reaping the decent rewards on it, however, I’m better at actual tanks than CAS tbh, cuz most of my nations planes don’t have a launch warning until the JA37’s, which aren’t strike aircraft, so only one with a launch warning, being the gripen, but that aside, yes, most of the time, air players will go to ground, and CAS, because they are good at planes. I started my war thunder adventure with air, and went to Sweden tanks, got bored and went to German tanks, back to Sweden ground, then Sweden air as of now. My KDR for the Swedish T-80U (the one that has a realistic factor for ammo explosion) is almost up to 1, and it’s a worse version of the Rus T-80U, as it gets worse ammo, at a BR where it constantly plays against it, so I would say it’s bad or horrible.

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It is on the other way around.
They use CAS because they suck with tanks, and CAS is blatantly easy to use, and requires ZERO skill to use compared to tanks that need a lot.
Are there good tankers that use CAS? Certainly. Is that the norm? Not in my experience.
This is a project i am working on.
For years now, i was collecting stats of CAS users that kill me with CAS.
I made a Java program that can grab their kill and death stats from screenshots, and average them.
Whenever i get to 1000 such stats (i likely have that many, i just have to sort them from other types of screenshots), i will then do the same , but with players that kill me using a tank. At the end, i will compare their average K/D.
This is what i have now, 750 players, and they have the average K/D is 0.56!

oh get an absolute grip.

Sure dropping a bomb on someone and lawndarting is easy. But actually playing aircraft in GRB competently takes just as much skill as playing a tank.

People drop bombs and lawndart or just die BECAUSE its hard.

not to mention, checking your stats, all your games are in arcade where the gameplay is SIGNIFICANTLY different to RB.