Aa protection

And you have done well with tanks. So tanks are overpowered too?

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Please point out where I have said that air is overpowered.

So it’s balanced?

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It is unbalanced.

But unbalance doesn’t mean overpowered ;)

So air is under-powered?

Why would it be under-powered?

You need to understand that lack of balane doesn’t mean that something is over or under - powered

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Why is it unbalanced?

By the game desing and implementation?

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So performance wise, air is neither overpowered or underpowered. But its unbalanced.

So gameplay overemphasize air over some other aspect? I think thats wierd to say given air has only had decreased ground presence as of late (objectively speaking). To the point it at this point has none.


This is what I have said

They are ‘overpowered’ because of how they are made.

Air will always have the upper hand over tanks no matter what will be changed.

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Ok. So that is a lot of words to admit you have implied air being overpowered.

I get denying that have would make sense if you didn’t intend to say so, but idk why you would deny it when you meant to.

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I have never said that it is overpowered.

It is unbalanced.

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what about this?

So when you said:

You mean unbalanced?

You do realize something can be unbalanced and overpowered at the same time? You know, like you wrote in that message


I have explained to him what his overpowered means really.


So its:

These are not mutually exclusive statements.

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But people belive that air overpowered but it is just unbalaced due to how it is implemented in the gamemode and due to the class characteristics.

You can’t balance ground and air.

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Okay. So it is as you say:

I dont know why you would attempt to dodge the fact you have said that air is underpowered.

As I have said, I tried to explain to You why people belive they are ‘overpowered’

Forgot to use “”

Air is not overpowered per say, but people see that as it is unbalanced and will forever be due to the units characteristics.