A10 Made of Glass

Why is it that you hit the A10 and it instantly goes down it has zero survivability compared to the su25 that can survive multiple hits and even missle its actually night and day, the A10 was made to take hits yet here it is getting hit one time by almost anything and it goes down right away


Cause the A10 irl is over rated


Cause A10 is not russian.


the pictures of it having hundreds of bullet holes and coming back with one engine say otherwise


Because Gaijin hasn’t modeled the A10’s redundancies.


İt’s used Vs insurgents with homemade AK-47s %99 of the time, no wonder it tanks so many hits , from 7.62x39 , which it can already do in the game.

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It’s not a super plane but it can certainly fly better than the ingame model.

“In manual reversion mode, the A-10 is sufficiently controllable under favorable conditions to return to base, though control forces are greater than normal. It is designed to be able to fly with one engine, half of the tail, one elevator, and half of a wing missing.”

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Yes , dusty 7.62x39 50 year old bullets from surplus 3rd hand soviet ammunition at 600 meters with 1 mm pen power left, it can already do this in game

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Oof, I mean it’s one thing to just joke about, it’s another when you buy into your own ignorance.

The first gulf war what it was built for which was the gun was next to useless
its one of the most overrated aircraft

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A10 wasn’t built for the gulf war, it was built to provide low altitude CAS to ground units. It’s ability to loiter within an AOR is why its still in service today making it very underrated.

You’re telling me A 500 KMH tinbox is the most survivable plane in a Hotzone? A plane that is begging to be retired from service

Buff it to be better sure , but many guys have unrealistic expectations because of Hollywood and American pop culture


yeah poorly the gun was outdated by the time it arrived it can barely destroy tanks
majority of its air to ground kills are not the gun

The modernisation package for it is the same price a f35
its very outdated

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As I said…ignorance…I;ve fought in 2 wars and 2 conflicts.


i mean no offence my gun i just don’t like the plane

The gun is there for moral support to ground troops and making memes by writing “brrrrrt”.

It is a truly scary sound tho, really

For the British its the opposite
In the first gulf wat their visibility was limited
So very easy to confuse British IFV with enemy trucks


Doesnt like look AK-47 damage to me but suit yourself up.