A specific critique of bombers in air RB

Disregarding ALL other problems with how poorly balanced (as in, they’re awful) bombers are, the biggest issue I have with them is that even if you DO get your objective of dropping bombs on even MULTIPLE bases, the tickets will maybe drop 5% on the enemy team making your contribution worthless. I would like to see personally the impact of bombers on tickets increased to at least make them able to participate in the match.


What are you contributing to the forum to judge another so much?

Make a PVE Air game mode for bombers a la Helicopter PVE and remove them from Air RB entirely.

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They need to allow for all maps to have bombable airfields. They could even port over the sim-style modular ones and have each section be worth a certain amount of tickets.

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No, that’s an absolutely terrible idea.

  1. I agree with Exocetta (which is rare): There are enough threads on this.

  2. There are modes in which bombers can and do win games, requiring a way more intense gameplay. If I don’t want to chill out, I play those.

  3. And yes, as already mentioned in many other threads on the topic, bomber gameplay serves no airRB-specific purpose but caters to other modes really.

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Been that way for a long time, honestly. Bombers in ARB will never be good unless they become absolutely broken.

So yeah, they should get their own Heli PvE type mode. Maybe even scrap the horrible Air Assault PvE for it.

PvE is not an answer because gaijin refuses to give PvE modes rewards

PvE modes do have rewards, for Heli PvE they’re just scaled down for how easy the mode is.

The mode isn’t even easy necessarily! That depends on how upgraded your helicopter is or what you’re flying. Either way that’s not a valid argument. The mode has to be rewarding to be playable. Assault PvE also has no rewards. hence, PvE doesn’t have rewards for gaijin

What if they gave the mode rewards

The question is: What do we want?

Do we want team deathmatch with fighters, while AI tanks drive on the ground as decoration and a few factories work in the distance
do we want a military operation where air superiority matters for a reason which will in the long run decide the game.

In this regard, arcade air offers the better simulation: If you just go pew pew in red cloud, you will lose. The mode is structured such that unoppressed bombers and attackers can win the match. This is sadly lacking in realistic.

I play war thunder to fight players not bots.

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Bases and ground units aren’t controlled by players in Air RB, how does that work?

As long as my plane has guns I will try to shoot down other players. Bombing bases isn’t fun but shooting down planes is.

Solution was here before. RB EC. No markers, so bombers have chance to survive.

What do you believe the purpose of a bomber is?

Bombing but I only do that because it’s necessary for the progress it isn’t fun. It’s fun to shoot down planes. And how would you design a pre mode for bombers?

Make it PVE with PVE targets and formation flying with PVE bombers to add to coverage fire, bombing strategic targets / larger areas than just a circle on the map.

For higher tier you can use systems like laser bombing to bomb high priority targets / bridges / AA sites. You could also add in helicopters to destroy sam sites to allow bombers room to bomb airstrips / military targets.