A severe case of auto ticket bleed and a bad game where enemy did almost nothing


Replay Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

The enemy only took a total of eight pill boxes and two bases and yet they got all the points done for in so little time. This is either too much team biased ticket drain or the me262 was hacking.

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He achieved Mission Maker. What’s not to understand about that?


This is the correct link:

Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

I see a typical post from the usual suspect:

  1. A player tries to brag with a certain number of kills (in this case 5) and tries to give the impression that he carried a match, despite he scored 3-4 extremely cheap 3rd party kills with stealth belts in the ugliest Navy prop fighter.
  2. On top of that, he blames others like gaijin (“team biased ticket drain”) or the enemy (“Me 262 was hacking”) for own mistakes, despite he is aware of the fact that he is flat wrong.
  3. On top of that he is not telling the truth as he used the high ticket drain for pillbox kills on this map to his own advantage.


  1. Every experienced player knows that Poland is an extremely ticket sensitive map (like Tunisia or Sicily). It boils down that you have to protect your bases (Poland has 3 non-respawning bases = Mission goal) and your ground units in order to avoid ticket defeats.
  2. In this case the enemy team killed all 3 bases (with leads to an additional ticket drop, because a Mission goal was fulfilled) and the 50 mm 262 pilot went in (1 vs 3) and killed in his 2nd run 3 pillboxes to secure the win.
  3. The OP might have had a small chance to intercept the 262, but instead of climbing towards the enemy he climbed away from him in, so the 262 had a free run for pillbox 6 and 7; the 262 dodged the fire from the OP and scored the 8th pillbox kill for the ticket win.

Why is this post spam, and why should you ignore it?

  1. The OP turned 1 day earlier a massive ticket deficit (=enemy team killed all 3 base and his team none) on the same map with 11 pillbox kills into a ticket win.
  2. So if a player is fully aware of the ticket sensitivity on Poland it was clear that he had to kill the 262 in this match before this guy killed further pillboxes. But he climed away.
  3. It is therefore rather disturbing to blame gaijin (“bias”) or another player (“hacking”) for own mistakes…

i’m not bragging for kills, i’m showing an entire timeline where only eight pillboxes have been taken out of the 20 plus the average map has, there is no skill involved on using a great plane and mopping the floor with it against completely unaware targets.

Maybe for someone with the skill level of an airfield camper might find that game as high ceiling.

does mission maker drain all the tickets except ten at once? if i recall mission maker is obtained when you give the first and last frag. The issue is that all tickets have gone with literally no activity on the ground.

Avoiding confrontations with actual players and focusing down AI targets takes so much skill.

It’s not like the OP used positioning and target prioritization to get into a place where he was able to score those third party kills, which a less skilled / more passive player would never have gotten. It’s not like he was seeking confrontation with enemy fighters and destroying them, which increases the chance of securing air superiority and saving teammates.

And the enemy who “won” this match took a super fast plane, avoided playing PvP and clicked on pillboxes that cannot defend themselves. Such engaging gameplay. This player truly deserves to win for beating the odds and defeating so many enemies.

If you would have watched the replay, you would have had the chance to notice the the 50 mm 262 scored several hits on pillboxes which did not resulted in the destruction of those targets.

In other words: Without the damage / accuracy nerf of the German 50 mm (years ago) the game might have ended within the first run of the 262…

Fully agree, that’s why you used the same tactics a day earlier - on the same map - to win the match with 11 pillbox kills:


Typical skill less game play if the only remaining enemy is a Ju 288 at 5 km far away with 2 own fighters at his six.