A-4E Early needs a higher BR in Mixed Battles

At 8.7 BR this plane is an absolute menace in Ground RB. An ability to launch five Bullpups from outside the range of all 8.7 (not to mention lower BR) SPAAs is just overpowered. Even very good SPAAs like VEAK40 have problems dealing with it, beacuse of the launch range of Bullpups.

If flown correctly, this plane is completely untouchable and impossible to defend against from the ground. Only if played in full uptier (9.7 battle) A-4E Early pilots have anything to worry about.

To put it simply - 5x MCLOS Bullpups at 8.7 is way too much.

PS: Looking through the trees, it seems few other planes (like G91 or SK60/105) also have such capabilities, but A-4E Early has a giant advantage beacuse you can skip whole Air tree and get it for free if you wait long enough. In my opinion all planes carrying such ordnance should be uptiered.

" Nah bro you just dont get it bro be able to take out AA from stand off range is perfectly balanced bro you are just bad bro you need to just accept that cas mains are superior bro its proven to play cas you need to have 200+ IQ bro "


A joke if it wasnt obvious


It would get slaughtered in ARB if it went much higher. However, moving it up would be one less missile slinger 7.7 jets have to deal with.

Being balanced in one game mode cannot justify them being completely unbalanced in another. They’re primarily used as CAS planes. Pure Air players have many other options to choose from in Air RB.

Complaining about the Bullpups is a interesting position. Didn’t even mention Walleyes. And yes, in full uptier they do have to worry about SAMs like Ozelot, Chapparal and Strela.

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How to dodge AIM-9B:
Step one: move mouse slightly


Sounds like more fair matchup for plane with guided missile (albeit manually) that does not have to be guided all the way and thus launching plane can engage in defensive manuevers and defeat all but Strelas missiles easily.

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Almost like there needs to be seperate BR’s between Air and Ground


Gaijin could do that if they wanted. They do maintain a separate set of BRs for Arcade. They could do the same for GRB. And it’s not like the A-4E doesn’t have flares.


separate BRs is the simplest solution.

In air RB the american skyhawks are probably 8.3 material considering the israeli A-4E is a straight upgrade and it still struggles to deal with anything more intimidating than a sea venom. Any real fighter will clown on it with ease given that they don’t get reversed in the first turn.


You don’t even need separate BRs, just treat these kind of planes as pure Ground Pounders without necessarily being competetive in Air RB. Ground players spawn SPAAs which in a lot of cases are completely defenseless against similar BRd tanks. Their role is AA work and their BR is chosen according to that.

Yup, they need to set different BRs… fighters being overtiered and CAS being undertiered doesn’t help with the GRB situation.

If you die to a 9B in any 7.7 jet… lol

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dying to a AIM-9B is a serious skill issue

Gaijin has already denied separate BRs for aircrafts.

Those tiny amounts of flares aren’t enough to face strela’s missiles. I’m not defending cas but that thing is mostly fine at 8.7

I know they have, doesnt mean we still cant ask for it again and again until it happens

It is virtually uncontested by any SPAAs below 9.7 (especially after newest BR changes, Strela going to 9.7). It is not mostly fine, it is blatantly overpowered.

And, Strela is only available to a single nation.

It’s very unlikely they will do something about it soon. Planes like the Su25, Su39, A6E, A10 really need separate BRs.

It’s not the only bullpup carrier out there. G91 has better flight performance compared to A4E and it also has access to bullpup. Walleyes are mostly useless since the introduction of fog. It’s only usable in certain conditions