7.7 Should never meet anything past 8.3 right now

Playing 7.7 has shown me only one thing. The compression at this BR is utterly out of control.
Non-stabilized HEATFS firing MBTs fight against dart-slinging fully stabilized LRF using light tanks and MBTs.
SPAA faces Helis, which can lol pen kill any 7.7 tank at 3km range while themselves being limited to around 1500m of range. Making the only weapon to fight them, artys, with proxy shells and REALLY good aim.
It boggles the mind how this can be allowed. It is not even a 100 or 200% difference in ability between 7.7 and 8.7. We are talking in excess of 300% for most, and sometimes even more.

We need to move everything above 8.0 up by 1BR or even 2 right now and then rebalance the entire range. This is utterly unacceptable.

It is not like 7.7 Tanks are bad. In fact they are really strong at times, but the competition is just out of control. A M48A1 has no buisness fighting a TAM, ZTZ 88, Strv 104 and 103C and the same is true for almost every other 7.7 MBT.


7.7/8.0 really does suck right now. That whole area is super compressed, you have 30/40 years of tank development (or more) fighting each other in some games.

Well next patch they move a lot of stuff below 7.7 up so rip decompression. Now 7.7 might be free from constabt 8.7 because of 7.0 Tiger II H.
But still. Just more compression for 6.7 again.

STRV 103C and 104 are correct at their BR
TAM should raise BR. ZTZ 88 is going to 9.0 and you’re missing about Object 279.

i can understand why the ZTZ88A is going to 9.0 but why is the B?

it’s the same vehicule with some little change, just like the Chieftain mk.3 and mk.5 in the same BR right now.

Sounds like a skill issue remember when you told me that when I complained about tank at 7.7?? Pepperidge farms remembers…

An M48A1 has more business fighting them than any of they do fighting a T-72B

Disagree. At least there they don`t have a technological disadvantage just a penetration one.
Gajin is just pushing compression around right now.
T72s and every other vehicle staring at 7.0 needs to go up by at least 0.3 if not 0.7 to decompress. Then balancing is possible.

I guess you aren’t accounting for all the prototype go-karts with thermals like the XM-1, Centauro and Type 16 above 9.0 either
and they won’t be capped at 4 per game for max uptiers

Thermals have been bugged since 8 or 9 months making them hardly worthwhile in most cases.

and again if gajin would do the right thing those vehicles would also move up

The M48A1 has APHE and HEATFS with a Rangefinder. And if faces almost exclusevly tanks with stabs, Darts and often times LRF. Like where the fuck do your thermals compare.

If you discount therms then why are you crying about LRF when all maps are like 400m engagement range

You really really really want to ignore the Darts and Stabs do you?

You’re ignoring me so I’m doing the same

I literally answered your every point. Are you trolling?

The M48A1 has far less buisness fighing most current 8.7s than the current 8.7 have fighting any 10.0s

They don’t, they barely have any business fighting the XM-1 and that’s at 9.3.
You bring up some technological gap as if that’s as insurmountable as the sheer performance gap 8.7s would have at 10.0
If you can’t kill a TAM with APHE then Jesus

Ok so we have Full stab. Dart firing tanks going up against fully stab dart firing tanks.
and this is worse than a non stab APHE/HEATFS firing tank going up against fully stab dart firing tanks.

That makes 0 sense

If you die to an M48A1 in your TAM jesus to you

The TAM alone is more than 400% as powerfull as the M48A1 The M48A1 is worse in every single aspect except raw armour thickness. Which is meaningless because the TAM is more survivable by a long shot

all the Tanks I listed do perform well in current 10.0 scenarios because they have no fundamental gameplay mechanic missing from them when compared to 10.0
The M48A1 and many other 7.7 vehicles are at a constant disatvantage simply because they lack a stab and ammunition which can oneshot a target reliably

because all these are equal
Type 69 to 12.0 because reasons I guess

2 is mathematically no different than 1

But in your world there is no significant difference in refelx time between a non stab and a stab tank.
Which is absurd.

Your tanks have only less pen and armour as a problem while 7.7 is missing literally the biggest differentiator between the gameplay eras in the game.
Having a stab vs not having a stab is more than 1000mm of penetration in performance difference. And the M48 uses a 5.3 gun with 5.7 ammunition in a nerfed 6.3 chassis with 6.7 armour and 6.0 gun handling to fight FULLY STABELISED DART FIRING KILLINGMASCHINES. and you want me to believe that some of the most OP tanks in the current games like the TAM can not possibly fight 10.0 tanks DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY ALREADY DO BECAUSE THERE IS NO 8.7 GERMAN LINEUP.

not a single tank you listed could not face 10.0 and be almost identical in performance. while removing them from the 7.7 BR range would drastically improve the performace figgures of 7.7 tanks in general.