2S38 needs a BR bump

Since you didn’t change your stance I can now say for certain…
You’re the only one here posting that Gepard is superior to 2S38.
Well it isn’t.
You can claim I’m buying into German propaganda about Gepard, but that’s not true.

I think it’s mostly due to versatility. Give the Gepard 600 APDS rounds and I think it could give the 2S38 a run for it’s money.

İmagine Swedish İtpvs 90 with 600 apds rounds.

Would love to see that thing wrecking havoc until I run into one

I have been playing at lot of 10.3 German recently, shooting the breach just does nothing, dart goes through the breach and it remains completely fine, eats apfsds and rockets like nothing. This is just the puma problem but worse

I do have the 2S38, and sadly it suffers from the “hehe premium” syndrome where 90% of its users (just like BMP-2Ms) are absolutely dogshit at the game, so even with such a powerful vehicle in their hands, they underperform.

Overall it really SHOULD go up, it shares the BR with the Puma which has none of the firepower, and its “mythical” survivability relied solely on being at a low BR where everyone used HEAT-FS, since it went to 10.0, Puma’s been one of the saddest vehicles in this game (doesn’t help that Gaijin is doing jackshit about fixing it…).

Closest vehicle to 2S38 in terms of performance, unironically, is OTOMATIC, which has an APFSDS cap - but is at a significantly higher BR.


Gonna drop my two cents as an AB tanker (not that my opinion will matter in first place)
At least in AB, it should go to 10.3
If enemy team has 3 or more of these, they’ll just steamroll your team. An in addition to that, they can also deny your teammates from air because HE-VT shells
Imagine fighting that thing in M60A3… Fun times.

I think they can rather limit it’s apfsds rounds to 100 or less. Which should fix most of the problems. If otomatic can get it’s apfsds limited then why can’t 2S38 receive the same treatment?