2S38 needs a BR bump

The 2S38 is fast extremely pinpoint accurate with darts even on aircraft the radar aiming is beyond broken it has 221m of pen compaired to 120ish of it counter parts. It doesn’t belong at 10.0 period. Take it to 11.0 than we’ll talk.


Its a tank that hasnt even entered service yet with the Russian Army. Its that modern. I do not understand why its so freakishly low BR. Could easily be at 10.7 if nothing else alongside other IFVs and it would not even begin to struggle.


its premium, it has to be handheld


With spam of this thing, games are unplayable.

Not only it can penetrate everything from front, it is also night unkillable.
Broken damage model which prevents spalling or outright doing nothing.
Couple this with amazing mobility and great optics…


this thing and the hstvl are aids


… 2S38 is faster than Bradley.


But the HSTV-L cant have its real dart, or pen and has to be 11.3.

I would say this is one of the most grossest examples of Russian cope bias with the S238 being at 10.0 but the recent XM775 took that award.

S238 is just Russians rigging their carnival game as per usual. They are lucky it didnt get fielded in ukraine. It would probably be exposed as nothing but cardboard and nothing about it real at all. I doubt the darts are even real IRL lol. Its all just made up tech that no one can prove because all their other tech got exposed hard in ukraine for what it really is…garbage.


62 kmh for the bradley 71 for 2s38 and I dont know what you mean by “It doesn’t have radar aiming”, they literally added that mechanic for IFVs because of that thing


He is a russian cope gamer. He and the other russian cope scabs will defend anything under tiered as if their life depends on it. Even will give stupid examples like the bradley one lol.

Most of these people are very uneducated and stupid. Dont worry about them. Gaijin knows its under-tiered but they will milk the russian hoard for cash as long as possible and up-tier it very slowly while they do it. They know how to game their own people.


It is not radar. None of the IFVs that have that feature have radar tracking.

“Optical tracking” then, whatever. Functionally identical


Imagine having your identity this wrapped up in what nation someone plays.

I was talking about fast fire rate and it’s accuracy it’s the best non missile spaa in the game hands down. And it has aquasition radar for aim assist so please rethink your IQ insult before you open your mouth.


Except it doesn’t have radar acquisition.

I play the 2S38 and believe it don’t do well against tanks like the T-80BVM, Challeger, M1 tanks, ZT99 in front. On paper the 2S38 looks impressieve but go against tanks on 11.3 and 11.7 that is finish at all. The 2S38 works well against tanks from the side and low flying jets and helicopters. A BR I don’t think so because is not the “Vidar” that punch must players back. The 2S38 was 9.3 and they already increase do BR 10 like the BMP-2M. If you can’t kill the 2S3 because it has unmanned turret then learn to fight it.


I know for a fact that it can frontally pen abrams, challenger 2’s, leclercs, type 10s, merkava 4s, and ariete with ease. I am fairly sure that it can kill leopard 2s from the front as well. The only tanks Im if-y on are chinese and russian MBTs but if you made me put money on it Id guess they you can go through their weak spots as well.

Also it isnt the unmanned turret that makes the 2s38 hard to kill, its the fact that the exposed fuel tank at the front of the hull eats nearly all of the spalling so you have to hit from the side or snipe an individual piece of ammo with the projectile, and if you dont do that with your first shot lmao it will just return fire and probably kill you


or pray to the RNGesus that the fuel insa-explode or you will get killed by 30 tiny needle


Well i’m sure the reason behind in undertier because to compensate the incompetent of Russian mains alright isn’t that obvious? that sht can do more the job than HSTV-L can even take down aircraft with auto tracker better thermal and LWS and still sit at 10.0 instead of 11.3 the same BR as HSTV-L


Technically not radar, it’s IRST though that’s better than radar as it doesn’t set off RWR on the target


The issue is shooting the front and your dart bouncing or shooting center mass and the ammo not exploding. The 2s38 is quite literally a better OTOMATIC and HSTVL so either the 2s38 needs to go up to their level or they need to come down to the 2s38s level