16vs16 top tier air is just not fun and needs to change

You spawn in fly for 3 minutes, fly low to avoid R27ER spammers and hope you are lucky to get someone with R73, or 9M when they are not paying attention or you are just that much close that they just cant avoid it. But by that time you have 3 bandits behind you spamming their missiles also.

Oh you want to goup? You will get lucky sometimes but most of the time you will get locked up by experienced players who farm on people who make mistakes and go for that one particular fun kill at 6km altitude or plus. As soon as you show up your contrail 3 missiles are coming to you. If you dont you stick to 5km and wait for complete wipeout of your furball team or theirs.

Things like when Su 27 fights another Su 27 because they cant be bothered to make all nations effective the same like we use to have with prop air rb back in 2014,15.

Why be bothered when you can bring op stuff to couple of nations so everyone plays those and we end up in mixed battles all the time where it gets even more of a shit show because now everyone spams the same damn missiles all the time and basically play against the mirror many times.

Every game is just a point and click arcade mess where all jets cant be used at their full potential. We all grind a lot, spend our money on things to get to the top just to be greeted with a undeniable mess that is top tier air rb.

Tell me how in the right mind can you sell 75 dollar premium F20 and greet now players to this absolute boring, stale, over repetitive mess of a game mode that ends in complete team wipeout in 3 minutes so your only option is to go to the middle and turn tour brain off and gamble to get some kill. You see I said gamble? Because that’s what it is.

It’s all makeup but behind it all is just boring unimaginative lazy mode that hasn’t change nor adapted to new and much more powerful machines. That speaks volumes to what are their priorities and if they are interested to make fun game at all.

Either my team or theirs die instantly in first 5 minutes because they all rush to the center going low.

16vs16 should have never been aded in the first place to begin with. Its just too much things going on and its all about luck and randomness where tactical gameplay is punished by having your whole team wiped out if you want to position yourself and not to in the furbal.

Too many missiles and too many planes and it’s just a glorified air arcade at this point.

Things need to change asap. I can’t slow down, i can’t maneuver . I can only go fast and low and play the same damn thing over and over again. And many times on the SAME freaking map over and over again.

No tactics, just plain Call Of Duty with flying missile spammers

Beyond visual range is a gimmick, radar is a gimmick and since we have spotting system that tells us where all enemies are its just all pretty makeup that doesn’t have its purpose and you can just turn off your radar and wait for game to spot for you.

Thats why there are many air players in ground rb because you can actually think, slow down, wait, use the radar and there are no markers…

This needs to change and we need multiple airfields to chose from, spread out the planes, have new objectives etc.

If they lower the number of players to 8vs8 the rewards for one kill could be bigger and the actual kill would be more enjoyable (even death) since you are not killing people who don’t pay attention because they don’t have spider sense to see where all of 40 plus missiles are going in the crowded mess at the middle of the map.

Its ridiculous how anybody can find this fun, I don’t know why they do this to Air RB since we have arcade battles and whoever wants to play this arcade type of ace combat thing can go just play arcade battles in the future since they are playing the wrong game mode.

Or just change the name of Air realistic battles for top tier, because this is everything but “realistic”. Its insulting to our minds.

But hey let’s just implement more premiums and stuff without any worry if game modes are suitable for them at all.

Does Gajin ever ask themselves, what is fun in this game and how do we keep things fun all across board? Or just they look to paint the same old cow with new colour? Things need to change!!


16v16 should be removed across the board, not just for top tier. It just makes the game more chaotic, and it is impossible to have a 1v1 or even a 2v2 without 3+ others coming to you.


Good. This is how it should be. If people want 1v1s that’s what custom battles are for.

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I agree. Should be 64 vs 64 minimum.
And make the maps smaller too I hate having to spend a minute or two flying to the battle.

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If they do this, they also need to raise rewards though.

Also yeah OP, 16v16 is what killed the mode at top tier for me I think. It’s just too chaotic and seemingly skilless.


I don’t want to play a custom battle, but I also don’t want every match to be a massive furball where luck is more important than skill.

Set up 1v1s suck.

Also, you don’t see any issues with the fact that a 1v1 is literally impossible?

And the fact that every single game ends in a massive steamroll, usually 1v4 or more?

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Luck is not and has never been a major thing in air battles; Furball management, which is what real pilots have to deal with in large-scale war games as well, is very much skill intensive.
1v1s should be rare, as that’s realistic.

“Too chaotic” = beyond my skill level.

Idk why anybody ever says this. (what the troll earlier said)

Everybody LOVES when they get into random 1v1s in air RB where it comes down to the wire and you’re both fighting for the victory in the dogfight. The fact its NOT set up is often what makes it the best experience.


I’m not saying remove a furball and anything more than a 1v1, I just want the old 12v12 back. It had the perfect balance. Anything more is just too chaotic and leads to too many steamrolls, and anything less can get boring.

I would be more accepting of 16v16 if it wasn’t the norm. I have only played on 2 non 16v16 jet RB matches since 16v16 was released. I just want something different and better.

He’s now acting as if he is capable of dealing with said furball and also acting like 99% of the community is capable of dealing with said furball. He also isn’t smart enough to realize it’s simply not fun to do so regardless whether you can or cannot do it. (You know who)

Ah yes, Italy insulting the WT community again by implying they’re incapable of learning furball management across 1000 matches.

16 vs 16 is a mess especially for tiers 6-8. Its not too bad at the lower tiers but still could be reduced a bit.

However tiers 6-8 are a complete mess. Every match is very consistently a team wipe. This fact alone should be raising red flags to Gaijin.

10 vs 10 or 8 vs 8 would fare much better for tiers 6 to 8. The BR split between ground and air should help a lot too.

Ideally the addition of a new game mode for more passive players would help alot too like Air RB EC. Some people would like to spend more than 5 minutes in a match with their new shiny planes.

Once fox 3’s are introduced, i get a feeling Gaijin will change the matchmaker to smaller matches. The devblog said that in their playtests, they found that smaller battles were more fun so i would hope they intend to change that.

Who knows though. I mean ffs they still have AI aircraft smashing into the terrain.


So you’re telling us that you’ve never been overwhelmed by number of players targeting you?

It’s impossible to keep track of every enemy in your 5km radius (I take that as radar missile firing range), let alone in 2.5km radius where some heat seeking missiles have good chance of scoring.
It happened to me a lot. No matter how hard you try to keep track of enemies near you, there’s always that one guy that will sneak through and kill you.

I have, and that should have a chance of occurring.
That’s part of the challenge of air combat, and of course ground combat.
If my positioning fails that’s a skill issue on my part, I should’ve positioned differently.

And if someone sneaks in, that’s them having superior skill than I; they’re also keeping an eye out for an equal amount of enemies.

Furball management is a skillset that people should’ve been learning far sooner.

We were capable of furball management when there were 24 players in the match. Now an extra 8 have been added and it is much harder. Having to deal with the same 32 player furball every single mach gets very repetetive and very annoying.

16v16 has killed any interest I have had in high tier air.

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Nah he thinks his shit doesn’t stink

Saying this is ironically funny, because there is always quite a bit of luck involved.

I have never once heard of this in war games. It has always been about airspace management (done mainly by AWACS). Planes aren’t circling each other within 10km in some “furball”. That would only happen with a catastrophic failure of identification systems.

No, “too chaotic” means “not very fun to deal with”. And 16v16 is indeed too chaotic to be fun as it stands right now. The players need to be more spread out instead of clumped in a killzone.

Is it a habit to state your opinions as facts?


Funnily enough, you are quite possibly the only person (I have come across on forums here) that likes 16v16
Everyone else (myself included) said it’s too much

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Probably cause I read books and combat reports, and wanted to try those situations in a game setting.
Whereas both film and video games focused on as little aircraft as possible for cost and narrative direction.

So I understand why and where players got the desire to have smaller matches; It’s easier, it’s what film did, it’s what happens in low-intensity engagements, and it’s easier on the game devs.