12 Days left for the 100th anniversary of the Focke Wulf company

The famous company will make 100 years the 24th of October, I hope that this date does not go unnoticed by Gaijin and they take the opportunity to do some kind of mini event like they did with the Sturmtiger or perhaps like the Swordfish Mk II event, in this post I will show some interesting additions:
FW-189 V-6
FW-200 C-6


So why don’t do this for others company? It can be a not so bad idea.

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I think that you mean the C-8/U10 as the C-6 is a conversion


Just saw this thread by accident - and i set a reminder for the 125th anniversary.

But until then:

Maybe some guys within gaijin could consider to read some evaluations of the actual flight characteristics regarding handling, turn and overall agility - just to realize that 190s were able to compete with 109s - and Doras were able to outperform (including turn) late 109s.

The internet (and ancient things like books) is full with such reports, but somehow gaijin thinks players are plain stupid and accept the current FM - which is basically just a fully intended nerf to support US and USSR players.

I mean everybody who thinks that a designer able to create an aircraft which outclassed Spitfire Mk Vs would create a Ta 152 C with the flight model worse than that of a medium bomber might ask himself: Really?

Imho gaijin misses a lot of business opportunities just to cater US and USSR players. So even as i don’t play Germany i would spend 50-70€ to buy a production variant from September 1944, called 190 A-9 with the 2.000 hp BMW 801 TS engine - but only with a flight model near to a 109 G-6 - and not this nonsense what they currently offer.

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