ZSU-23-4M4 is overtiered

Its radar is ineffective, its guns are weak, and its missiles are unreliable.

Why is this vehicle 1.3 BR higher than the normal ZSU?

Even if you manage to lock onto something with the radar, you can forget about shooting it down with the guns. The missiles are easy to dodge and can’t hit targets below 1.2 km altitude because they fall straight to the ground due to their AIM-9B style seeker.

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Same story as Machbet, Sidam Mistral and Gepard 1A2. even with better cap reload now 4 ir sams are just worse than dedicated sam systems at same br and having guns doesn’t help much when they are getting way worse and useless at that br especially machbet. Pure SAM systems just outclass those but gaijin doesnt really care.

they could easily got step down.
Gepard at least is decent vehicle without stingers but for pure anti air role at that br Ozelot is just better with 8 stingers and irst tracking. it probably could stay
Sidam mistral 9.7 with 6 Mistrals meanwhile dedicated Santal with 12 mistrals is 9.3 with mobility search radar and thermals.
With Machbet when u use your 4 stingers you are 7.7 vehicle that can fight 10.3 with 20mm vulcan that has no pen or range.
Again dedicated Chaparral at 9.3 gets 12 sams.
And at 9.7 u get to the worse Radar sams starting to get 7-8km range
The 7.7-8.3 spaa versions with like 4 sams slapped on them are all bit tragic.


The radar is just fine, it’s missiles are fine, but yeah small guns are practically useless above 8.7 since all the aircraft get bullshit missiles that have double the range of your little peashooters, the cannons do work on light tanks and IFVs though.

Because you simply can’t put SAMs below 9.0

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1.3 BR higher, with anti-air missiles (IGLA) and the quad 23mm’s, and a okay radar. I’m pretty sure it gets a mobility buff, and a bit more armor, it’s overall better than the regular Zsu-23-4. It’s a short range air Defence system, if your not using it as such, that’s why your mad about it.


Still an absolutely stunning and gorgeous S-R-ADS.

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Iglas can be dodges quite easily by multitudes of aircraft, even 7.7s.


its 9.3 and could be 9.0
radar is not fine, its terrible. Slow and very unreliable
Missiles are not fine they are terrible too, no turn rate, eating flares and if the thing you shoot them at isnt flying high then the missile will eat ground

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Do you run it in full search mode? 360° rotation, and with no sound.

no, I use 90 degree mode or sometimes even 60 or less because it turns too slow

well at least the gepard 1a2 has a good radar but stingers are not very good nor are iglas

stingers are so much better than iglas


Okay, you should run like 30°-45° and use headphones with directional sound, find your enemies before they find you, sound is extremely helpful, as jets are screaming loud from the ground. Remember, your a SRADS, your not made to snipe a plane from 5 km away like a VEAK.

meh not really they are just more widespread

you can lead stingers so they wont hit the ground, they turn better and dont eat flares so easily

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Iglas being caged are an issue

Then learn trigger discipline, fire a missile as soon as you lock is about a 75% gaurentee your going to miss, especially with caged missiles, fire guns on their first pass, then once they are headed away from you, hit them with the Igla, that is if you miss your first volley.

But the Zsu-23-4-m4 is way worse than the gepard 1a2

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I tried doing that and iglas hit the ground anyways, enemy must be atleast at 1km alt to even think about launching a igla

Yeah, but the Gepard has been undertiered for a long time.

I’ve never played this vehicle, so I don’t know. I’ve never seen this issue when playing against it though.

Would be an AMAZING complement to the T-62M-1 and T-55AM-1 lineup

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