ZSL-92 must be taken down from BR or given to APDS

The ZSL92 is positioned as a light tank, and its machine gun cannot penetrate the sides of the ± 1.0BR mid tank and heavy tank. It also has a huge and defenseless 12.7 tank body. Compared to the Type 63 SPAA, except for mobility and sustained firepower, it is not as good as the Type 63 SPAA. So its BR should be reduced to 4.7 and based on investigation or APDS and investigation


63mm pen at 6.7 i agree is high but 4.7 is very silly. Compare that to other spaa which have similar or less pen at higher or lower BR’s. As lso this isnt the only spaa in this update that wasn’t an spaa but rather a light tank. 6.0 is where it should go as it is still prefty large. Also if given APDS it should lose its spaa designation and become a light tank. If that occurs depending on pen and how much ammo it has it should be higher or on par with the BTR 80A.

Giving it APDS and maybe moving it up a bit might work.


Adding it as SPAA is the issue really as it clearly should be classified as a light tank. It’s just a Chinese BTR, meant to be primarily used as a transport. They even went and slapped some ATGMs on the vehicle to turn it into a proper IFV, we might see this in a future update, perhaps an event.
While it missing it’s APDS isn’t a terrible issue and only puts it’s firepower around the same lavel as ZSD (which is still the only SPAA you should be using against planes until 8.0), it seems that they simply don’t use AP with ZPT90, which makes sense, why even bother with a new cannon if it’s not actually going to change anything.