Yugoslav Ground Tech Tree (Including Bosnia, Croatia, N. Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia!)

The new vehicles will be incorporated into the big tech tree and unused vehicles list in the future, thank you for sharing :D.

As for the helicopter tree, there is an updated version on this forum where these helicopters are included, I think you would like it!


Hello, I’m new to this post. I would like to say that I would love to see a Yugoslavian tech tree. In my opinion, the smaller one should be added in full and then with major updates come the big tech tree with also br changes, balancing, and so on. I live in Slovenia so of course I would love to see vehicles from my country here. The closest thing right now is the T55A the ZSU-57-2 and the FlaRakRad. I would like to provide some information on the “prototype” tech tree and my opinions.

  1. More information on the M-84 (Slovenian MBT)
  2. Roland 2 addition (Slovenian version of the FlaRakRad)
  3. BVP M-80 addition (Slovenian BMP version with ATGM’s)
  4. PC-9M addition (Slovenian multi-purpose propeller airplane)

Numbers 1 and 3 originate from Yugoslavia meanwhile 4 does from Switzerland. Every one of them has upgrades made by the Slovenian army.

Fun fact: PC-9M has countermeasures in quite decent numbers even though it’s an propeller airplane.

Saying that I would love to help and I also have quite some information ready to be used (that includes proof of its existing).


Regarding the Roland, I have seen the example at the museum of military history in Pivka, Slovenia, and, outside at least, it looks exactly like the FlaRakRad. I personally cannot dig up more precise info on the missiles themselves but as an in game addition it would certainly be a good high tier SPAA.
I’ll try to dig up a couple pictures, hopefully my old phone will work.


Hey there.

You can feel free to share whatever information you’d like, so long as it’s declassified :D

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I’ve never heard of Hudournik being equipped with a countermeasure launcher. Where did you find it?

Oki doki let’s start. First the Roland 2. Since I live in Slovenia everything is in maximum 2h reach drive. Very soon for the next year till December will be happening “open gates” which basically military bases prepare a few things to look at. And by a few, I mean at least 4h worth of time. Ok, so a few pics that I took in Pivka and from Maribor. Unfortunately, I can’t find the ones from Maribor.

My Roland 2 pictures from Pivka:

So that’s that. Also to mention the Roland 2 is an upgraded version of the FlaRakRad. It doesn’t say which missiles just SAM missiles. And its capacity is 10 missiles in total.

Next up is the PC-9M. I can’t really show the information (believable) so I’m going to try to find it and as well show a picture of the actual countermeasure bay.

First suggestion:
Most likely false in my opinion.


Hard to identify. And the next picture makes it false.


This yt video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UO77wmFnB4
has the only info about countermeasures at the 3:27 timeline. It is in Slovenian though.

I have hit the jackpot. I’m researching right now and found out that it has 60 pieces with a POD and not a fixed bay. Heres the yt link timeline 2.46

Source for the countermeasure pod it’s google yt.

Next to mention. PC-9M Hudournik is also nicknamed the “angel of death”. It can carry up to 1.200 kg of bombs that have the ability to be laser-guided, due to upgrades on the plane.

That is all my timezone is GMT and im available til 11pm


Forgot to add these 2


Roland 2 right? I found out it has 8 smoke pods on the front:

And what missiles it carries:


VERS KR K10 - 14 - 042 - 7445

160 EX LFK


OM 40

I don’t know what everything means so I will have to research a bit more.

YT video link I got this pics from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozQgE-zIzsI


Serbia has two batteries of the upgraded Pantsir-S1M on order.
I’ve actually made a post for this vehicle.

This would be a great vehicle to cap out the SPAA line.


It’s just sad 50 % voted no :/

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Yeah, unfortunate, but I don’t believe that would effect if it’s added or not.

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+1 i hope one day it is going to come


I’m glad to hear and I’m also glad to see that after a month of no activity there is still interest :,).

I haven’t been doing a good job at keeping the post updated, but after two weeks I’ll perhaps find the time to update the tree again.

Thank you for your kind comment, I really like your name.


Hello everyone. Before reading this comment, I must say that I am Russian, so do not pay attention to mistakes. I really want Yugoslavia to appear in War Thunder, it has a huge potential. Despite the small amount of equipment at rank 1-2, he has a lot of strange and unusual equipment (modified and domestic). I especially want to play the SO-122, the Sherman with the IS-2 cannon sounds like something crazy.


I don’t understand why Yugoslav vehicles are still not in play, there was a Slovenian M-55 that was datamined, but no news of the latter since that


as a reminder, the M-84 was passed to Consideration a while ago M-84 MBT (Yugoslavian Steel) - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum


The SOMUA S35 with Ordnance QF 6-Pounder would have some funny interactions, and if needed some side grades could be romania/bulagria and or ukraine (maybe even chokslovakia or poland, but they are unlikly)


SO-122 was considered in 2018 : SO-122 M4 - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum


I would be pissed if the only uniquely Slovenian tank were to become a premium and not be available in the tech tree.

There are so many better options for premiums.


I am just hoping that it’s being held back for the eventual release of Yugo tech tree because it would suck if they put it into the soviet tt