Yugoslav Ground Tech Tree (Including Bosnia, Croatia, N. Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia!)

and put in the USSR tech tree just bc its a T-55 …

France is going to have a Benelux subtree, the Belgian flag and the Netherlands were datamined a while ago, and given that the Yugoslav and Bulgarian flag was datamined we can assume that Yugoslavia and Bulgaria will perhaps be a subtree for the USSR


God no. We had little to do with USSR other than trade and some other things after the tito stalin split, now most of the countries are even less connected to the east.
It will be a major screwup if they actually think there isn’t a better way for yuga.


Gaijin has stated that they will not be adding subtrees to nations with 5 vehicle lines due to technical limitations. Therefore, we can hope that they will add Yugoslav tech tree and Bulgaria as a subtree and that we will not see them as event vehicles in the future.


There is the likely upcoming Benelux tech tree for France, so we will have to see how that looks, since ground vehicles were supposedly leaked for it too


Not in favor of the majority of TT suggestions due to copy paste but with all of Yugoslavia, there is enough for it to be unique, with minimal copy paste. +1


Honestly quite incredible.
I really wanna see how this will work out! Especially with the M84 tank! +1


Well China also has most copy paste vehicles (also some of its own).

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Man this Tech Tree looks crazy and Im all up for it, it would be a great addition to a game as alone tech tree with such number of vehicles it has. +1
If they add it as a subtree to USSR it wouldnt make any sense, because of the Yugoslavia history behind it, and maybe if they do, we do a bit of rising up against that :) ahaha
Still hoping it gets added soon.


Plese, no. Yugoslavia has more than enough Vehicles to be it’s own tree and the Soviet tree is already more than large enough. It doesn’t need to be a part of the Soviet Tree. One can argue for a “Balkan Tech Tree” consisting o Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and the Ex-Yugo countries, but not for Yugoslavia being a pert of the Soviet tree.

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And each subsequent pack related to Yugoslavia gets a different Tito profile picture. The more powerful the vehicle, the more badass the picture… through that would be difficult as there is rarely non-badass pictures of Tito. He had the drip and knew how to use it.

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Oh absolutely.
Good additions would also be Partisan legends like Koča Popović, Ivan Ribar, Kosta Nađ and Edvard Kardelj to name a few!
Surprisingly there was also lots of women who they could bring in for PFPs so hey, even more to add there.

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I hope its not a USSR branch type. I’m a russian main yes but I want to be yugoslavia a sepparate tech tree. Thats the same with USA and Israel for example or China and USA and USSR


Don’t forget Mihailo Apostolski!

And, yes, the Yugoslav Partisans had a lot of Women in their ranks.

So much potential for a good and fun TT. If only Gaijin finally relents.


You left out the twin Malyutka 2T5 launchers form the armament of the ​​​​BVP M-80AB1 and M-80AB2.

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The tree is in need of updating, which could include these two in either the big tree or unused vehicle list, depending on estimated necessity.

I had said I would do this a few months back, but things have gotten in the way of that.
Now that summer is around the corner though it shouldn’t take too long for the first measures for an update to be taken.