Your SPAA Wishlist for the Next War Thunder Update!

Anything with 4 guns, 3 guns are needed honestly. The more guns the better it is at shooting down CAS as I have experienced the Whirblewind, much prefer that than the Single barrel Ostwind and Double Barrel Dusters. They do well too, but 4 guns is my preference.

I like it’s shape, like something in sci-fi film.

looks more like one of those atrocious attempts of superweapons from the WW2 germany

Blazer SPAA


A LAV-AD but focus in anti-air, and has radar, would be 9.7 similar to Gepard A2
Besides, what’s in the box between the missiles.

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i would like the ItO 2005: The Real ASRAD-R (Replacing or supplementing In-game)

Behold! The better ASRAD-R!


If only Finland got this instead of a Zsu-57-2 C&P…
20 ITK 40 VKT

The gun shared certain similarities with the German 20mm Flak guns: The same 20x138mmB cartridge, same barrel length and was fed from 32 round box magazines. It’s commonly used 360rpm fire rate was also similar, but it could be adjusted to 700rpm, meaning the twin guns could throw their 64 rounds into air in three seconds. The twin mount weighted 652kg in action and had elevation from -10 to +90 degrees.


DB L 4500 A (5 cm Flak 41 L/67)
Project 301 AA (twin 37mm on Type-62 chassis)
Zis-6 armed with 37mm 61-K

my top 4


Extra missiles I think.

Yes this thing

Whats different from the Ito 90m btw?

I think it’s just stuff like thermals and possibly radio

But seriously, you really don’t want Gaijin to add medium/long range/theater air defense systems to the game like HAWK, S-300, Patriot, etc. until they implement ECM in aircraft.

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Ground main players that doesn’t like CAS:
Explore please god GIFs

Sometimes I like to RP as long range/theater anti-air defense in either of the F-14s XD

CAS is usually blind as a bat or don’t know what RWR is, so long range Phoenix shots are surprisingly effective. From the moment they spawn in, a missile is on the way ;-)

But you wouldn’t want to play a SAM battery in WT…

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Me and the boys:


I did see a few F-14s taking care of CAS instead of using a SAM using them Phoenix missiles in GRB. i was one of the victims lol He probably had more fun using them there than in Air RB due players ignoring RWR and tunnel visioning for ground targets.

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A good time, definitely, and a great service for the team!

It’s a shame that aircraft kills give so little rewards, both as SPAA or fighter. I feel we’d maybe see more players dedicate themselves to AA playstyle if it was worth their time.

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I agree, I do it for the gameplay be supportive to my team once I die on a tank.


Screenshot 2024-03-17 055504

I really enjoy using SPAA.

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