ItO 2005: The Real ASRAD-R (Replacing or supplementing In-game)

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DISCLAIMER: This is taken from my Finnish Ground Forces Sub-tree for Sweden. I added it to the Swedish tree due to the ASRAD-R already existing in-game, SAAB (Swedish Defense Company) participation in the creation of the ASRAD-R platform, as well as already having the Finnish ItO 90M in the Swedish tree.

ItO 2005: The Real ASRAD-R (Replacing or Supplementing In-game)


  • Description :
    • Known as the Autonomous Short Range Air Defense System - RBS, or ASRAD-R is a vehicle mounted SHORAD system developed jointly by Rheinmetall and SAAB. This system carries an integrated RADAR allowing the vehicle to provide full Anti-Air capability. The system is armed with 4 ready to fire missiles and operates on an ACLOS guidance. In 2002, Finland ordered 16 systems, with 12 mounted on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog 5000 L38 4x4 chassis. This system is armed with Bolide missiles. The launcher can be lowered to a stowed position, reducing the visibility of the launching vehicle. This system is still in use today.
  • Armament :
    • Primary: RBS 70 SAM (Same munitions and capability as the ASRAD-R in-game)
      • Rounds:
        • Bolide Missile (Used by Finland) (w/ 4 Missiles, unknown if any stored)
  • Maneuverability :
    • Engine: 218hp-OM 924 LA
    • Transmission: MB Synchronized Reverse Transmission, 8-Foward, 6-Reverse
    • Chassis: Mercedes-Benz Unimog 5000 L38 4x4
    • Max Speed: ~105km/h Forward, 90km/h Reverse
  • Dimensions :
    • Length: 6.0m
    • Width: 2.3m
    • Height: 2.7m (w/o system)
    • Weight: 13.4 tons (w/ system)
  • Crew :
    • Driver
    • Commander
    • Gunner
  • Accessories:
    • Thermal Imager
      • Gunner
      • Commander
    • NVD
      • Driver
  • In-game:
    • This suggestion is to replace the currently implemented ASRAD-R in the Swedish tree with the Finnish variant that is actually used, further driving uniqueness in the Swedish Tree.
    • BR can be maintained due to lack of armor being made up in speed.
    • With its extreme speed (on and off-road), and being able to fold down the entire launcher, this would allow it to move very quickly around the battlefield and provide a unique launching system. Lacking the armor of its current variant, it would be easily destroyed similar to the already implemented German FlakRakRad.
  • Sources :
  • Images:

The actual ASRAD-R used by the Finnish Armed forces, known as the ItO 05. Note the launcher in the folded up and down positions.


Interior of ItO 05 showing the Gunner (left) and Commander (right) seats.


Displayed ItO 05 with open crew compartment.


ItO 2005 firing a Bolide Surface to Air Missile.


Rear view of the ItO 2005 vehicle.


Voted yes. I was so sad to see this unique and actually in-service version being disregarded in favour of a generic M113.

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This could be foldered or added at 11.0, it would be a pretty solid vehicle I am just wondering if there is upgrades to turret rotation and elevation also further upgrade to the IR tracking?

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+1, even if ahistorical gaijin should add extra ammo in the hull for balance’s sake