Ford V 3000 S with 20 ITK 40 VKT

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A textbook example of a milk truck with an AA-gun used by Finnish Defence Forces. There isn’t a whole lot known about this combination, but from the photo we can tell it’s just as simple as it gets: AA gun with it’s original mount lifted on back of a truck and bolted on. Both the truck and AA-gun are relatively well known.

Ford V 3000 S was manufactured in Germany and decent amount of them were handed to Finland together with the StuG III assault guns. They were initially used for logistics, later to pull different artillery pieces and in 1951 also as mobile AA platform. For 1940s it was quite simple, yet advanced truck.

Empty 2540kg

95hp V-8 gasoline engine

5 forward and 1 reverse gears

85 km/h top speed

20 ITK 40 VKT = 20mm, AA-cannon, adopted to service in 1940, manufactured by Valtion Kone Tehdas

A modern light anti-air cannon by all accounts. It was designed by Aimo Lahti, based on his Lahti L-39 anti-tank rifle. The first guns got into service in 1941, though it only got into real numbers in 1943 and production ceased soon after the war. The only modification done to them after the war was the switch to pendulum-sights. The 200 guns remained in service until 1970s and in storage until 1988.

The gun shared certain similarities with the German 20mm Flak guns: The same 20x138mmB cartridge, same barrel length and was fed from 32 round box magazines. It’s commonly used 360rpm fire rate was also similar, but it could be adjusted to 700rpm, meaning the twin guns could throw their 64 rounds into air in three seconds. The twin mount weighted 652kg in action and had elevation from -10 to +90 degrees.

It is not known exactly how long and widely used the combination of this truck and AA-gun was. Despite numerous photos of the gun, I haven’t found a single one being pulled by a vehicle or horses. The simple wheeled carriage is very light construction and doesn’t appear suitable for high speed movement at all, rather it’s just for the crew to move it into position. It appears the gun was used on board truck to cover movement of heavy artillery units. In destination the light gun would be quickly dismounted and dug in ground for cover and camouflage.

The use of Ford V 3000 in FDF seem to have ended in 1960s as Finland bought more modern trucks, but this was not the end of AA-gun trucks in their use. The first successor in this line was the German Unimog truck with 30 ITK 62 (HS.831) cannon. Later came different Sisu trucks with twin 23 ITK 61 (ZU-23-2) and possibly also with ugpraded 23 ITK 95, which appear to be still in common use. Lack of designation for the truck with the AA-gun still remains an issue for one who tries to search information about them.



D 666/9 Lastkraftwagen 3 t Ford V 3000 S

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Autocannon, Anthony G. Williams, 17.2.2023



I saw the M3 half tracks with the 75mm trailed and got an idea.



??? Was this possibly built?

its already in the game


After WWII Finland bought a load of unarmored surpluss M2 half-tracks from White company in USA. These were used about ten years mainly to pull 15cm artillery, until replaced with modern trucks in early 1960s. At least this one was also equipped with the same 20mm gun as the Ford truck. Earlier I considered doing suggestion about it, but I couldn’t find stats of such lightened M2 half-track. Since it has no armor, the only difference would have been mobility. Certainly it would still be slower on good ground, but possibly slightly better on cross-country.


Dang, actually, I don’t remember ever seeing this before.

Not your fault, there is like 2000 vehicles in the game ;)

I know both are in game, I meant like, someone mounted at German 75mm on a M3.

ah sry, my mistake

Ur good

I like it a lot! It’d be a nice low-tier SPAA for Sweden/Finland. +1

It’s quite rare to see since it was only obtainable during one of the battepasses, and you can’t find it on the market (at least when I last checked).

I wish Finnish Defence Force would release their pot war photo archive some day soon, so we could get more photos of this and bunch of other rare vehicles.

This month I’ll try to make a suggestion about another Finnish AA milk truck: Sisu with twin 23 ITK 61 or 95 (ZU-23-2). Any info would be appreciated, but these are now my top questions:
-which trucks are most common platforms
-which gun models are used
-official specifications of these trucks
-ammo and crew count
-stories about their usage