Your SPAA Wishlist for the Next War Thunder Update!

Why not make a suggestion?

Tried about 10 to 12 times every time i send it they just deleted it

Plus i did mention it in this post too

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Have you checked the old forum? And your sourced if there is not already one.

I did and you won’t believe it the Zerstörer 45 actually passed the consideration on 2014 and Gaijin ignored it all these years

Yep there you have the reason only the author of the original post can re-upload it.

Oh and. Yea thats absurd. Most SPAAs that cant be Copy-pasted are just ignored due to being seen as a waste of time and recourcess. That most players will ignore it…

Yee i can’t do anything now all i have to do is to pray that Gaijin realise that this was a mistake.

Plus at some point i tried to buff all German bombs but get ignored too

Well, they mentioned during the update stream, that the final Wirbelwind like turret was never mounted in real life, so they had to go with this upcoming test prototype variant.

Tbh it’s just a cheap excuse by Gaijin they don’t even know if the Ostwind II was built yet they still added it Zerstörer 45 is a similar condition yet there is more proof that the Zerstörer 45 was built compared to the Ostwind II


If only this thing was added…would be nice. Ta-Ha with a dual 37mm cannon. If only Japan got the same treatment as Germany for this case…

I just want AHEAD to not be gimped.


Hate to tell you but the Zorestor isn’t entirely fake, although it uses the wrong turret configuration(should be similar to Wirbelwind, and on side skirts), and the Ostwind II we currently have may or not be fake, and even if the verison we have right now is fake, it still exists (with a over under cannon mount)

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so then its a 50/50

It is. A Möbelwagen was used as a testbed for the 3cm Flakvierling mount. The “proper” Zerstörer 45 doesn’t seem to have existed in steel, because it’s not clear if any of the intended Wirbelwind-style gun shields for the 3cm were ever built.

Given that the chassis now exists in game, it’d be incredibly easy to replace the quad 3cm with a single 3.7cm to create the regular Möbelwagen. It might not be an especially good SPAA (it’d be just a worse Ostwind) but it’s historically important.

The MIM-46 Mauler for the US.

LAV-25 and variants sounds good

Spyder for Israel pleaseeeee

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Any French SPAA



What’s that last vehicle

A proxi-fuze rocket launcher on a AMX-30 called “Javelot”

Most anti-aircraft systems boil down to two essential ideas: either fire a round out of a gun at a target, the anti-aircraft gun approach, or fire a missile, the surface to air missile. But what about rockets? The French Javelot rocket launcher system would have been an anti-aircraft rocket launcher system installed on an AMX 30 chassis, equipped with a magazine of 64 spin-stabilized rockets, 40mm and around 1 kg each, capable of achieving a speed of up to 1,100 meters per second to an effective range of 1.5 - 2 kilometers with 400 gram warheads. It would fire rockets in salvos of up to 8, 16, or 32 rockets at a time, with the possibility of the magazine being reloaded in 30 seconds - by simply switching out the rocket container. Catulle, a naval variant, also existed.



this is ugly as heck

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