Your SPAA Wishlist for the Next War Thunder Update!

Sorry for being a nerd but

I believe the 2nd picture is a Pantsir prototype, not Sosna-R

The Tubes, radar and turret overall look different than Sosna-R’s mountings so uh yeah sorry lol

Yes, I was corrected by _Fantom2451 earlier, still thanks though.

DW about it.

Russian Abrams,challengers,leopards, cv-90s , f-16s ?

Same would go for all the Russian equipment in Nato Stores
Here an American Su-27 dogfighting an F-16 over the dessert

But IMO not needed, giving every nation everything would just make the nation system obsolete.

They should split China into China and Pan-Asian tech trees (South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, maybe even Australia) respectively.


Thailand is probably going to Japan as a sub tt by the looks of it , aus vehicles are In america/British tt , s Korea and n Korea will be just like china and Taiwan (same tt) we can’t really have an ASEAN tt because firstly it’s not a country ,gaijin has never done that and they won’t go out of their way to do it for countries that have no indigenous designs like Thailand ,ph, Australia they designs they have are just refits and further developments of American/ Russian designs


They are?

I think its not a great Idea and not feasible if we were to split Tech Trees by political ideology and what ideological / geopolitical allegiance a Country, or a part of it, had during xy time period.

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All sub trees are selected based on politics or historical ties.

Thank you for the info. I personally think 8.7 would be way to high given the gepards 8.0 no?

Gep is 8.3
No LRF or therms
It’s more like the 8.3 Type 87 with LRF at 8.3 but a bit lower armour and mobility than the Gep

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Oh im off then, thats fair. Id really hope not 8.7 since its an abandoned place for USA

One could argue the gep actually belongs at 8.0 lol

In terms of SPAA capabilities, probably. It’s worse than the Shilka in that regard. But it absolutely shreds tanks.

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You already know what I want.


Sub-Trees yes. Neither the RoC nor PRC are a Subtree however, they are both China.
Same goes for a potential Korea Tree, or with Germanys Tree.


Skyranger 35:


Skyranger 30:


special version of the skyranger 30 with HEL(High Energy Laser):




So then why are ROC vehicles under the PRC flag?

Because the PRC is the de facto China / succesor state to the RoC. The PRC controls more than 99%+ of Chinas total population and historic lands since decades by now and is recognized as the legitimate government / representative of China by the vast majority of the World (even through the Civil War is still going on)

Thats why China uses the Flag of the PRC and i guess more so also due to most of the Tree or at least the domestic chinese Stuff being from the PRC and not RoC.

I mean they could use the RoC Flag, would just be like Germany or Japan having their WW2 Flag i guess

RoC is a sub-tree for the PRC. Its kinda obvious looking at the flag for China.

if this was in game I would actually play ground lol