You can use a duplicate player name in-game?

Or am I tripping on acid?

You can change name in-game??

This a custom server or a live match?

If its Custom, The snail created a bug that duplicates names.
Basically when a server reaches it’s maximum name slot’s, any new players join that server will have their names overwritten by someone who was there before them. You can usually see this when typing in chat or when players address you by the wrong name.

If it’s a live server, I haven’t seen a bug like that yet, But I have seen it in other games. (CSGO, TF2, Battlefield as well I think) It tends to happen when a hacker tries to fool the system into either getting the person they mimic banned/kicked out of the game while they have free reign. Or to force both accounts to get banned if they’ve stolen it.

I’d check to see if the other venom is an long time player with normal stat’s or if they’re a premium bot.

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It was a live grb and the second pic is from the server replay, I’ve done a little testing, and it seems like a bug that only happens in server replay.