You are not connected to the chat

Why does this happen?

Well - I’d wager that the reason why it happens is because the game couldn’t connect to the chat.


Usually it’s some kind of simple connection issue and isn’t any sort of shadow chat ban.

Try relaunching the game client, usually that solves the issue for me.

I can chat maybe 1/10th of the lobbies I join…if that.

I recreate the room several times trying to get a clear day anyway so for this instance I recreated the room about 10 times and none of them had me able to chat in the lobby (in the game, if it gets started, the chat works fine).

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Odd, perhaps it could simply just be a connection issue?

This may actually be reportable as a bug if this is happening.

It could be a server trouble if it’s not a bug. Chat server is actually flakey as, it needs attention from devs as well as staff.

I figured everyone had this issue since no one ever says squat in the pre-game lobby - it really just me and everyone else is just anti-social?

Lobbies are usually empty as they merely join and spawn. Maybe they should make the lobby chat that the full chat is listed or the previous 10-15 lines so things are there for people when they join.

This though is definitely something to actually look at as a bug or a server problem. (Check your wifi)

I’ve had this issue forever, though there was an interesting twist last night…


It’s not wifi (since I don’t use wifi) and I think it’s something to do with me getting banned from chat (if it’s not everyone experiencing this).

Another weird thing that happened to me recently, when I went to type in the game chat it would display another name (a name of someone from the other team) instead of my name… but if I used the Radio commands (Air Alert) it would show my name…


The issue is when I say about wifi it’s about the possible loss of connection that can lead to that sort of issue.

And I even mention the server as being flakey aluring to the point about where those players get others names, and the way it’s commonly slow to connect.