You all need help, and the Sea Fury is the medicine

Sir I see you’ve dissed Wallace, Nick Park is getting his cricket bat, I suggest you depart and deploy smoke before the British Mains see what horrors you’ve spoken

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Nice read.
The Tempest MK-V is better though. sorry.

roger on the way


Wallace looks far better than the horrors the british aero industry made!

Okay… which horrors are we talking…

Go look up the Fairey Gannet.

oh that thing

eh, there’s worse. plus, with that thing you actually get to see the enemy

Lol, chubby wyvern XD

[quote=“PercussionCap, post:18, topic:106473”]
Well it can’t be the same Subaru, the Hayate actually looks good unlike whatever the hell they’re making now…

I didn’t mind the last Impreza but most Japanese makers are kinda losing their way. Mitsubishi killed off the Evo and the Shogun (at least in the UK) and now make a load of tat. I don’t understand why they don’t make a new Starion it’d be a license to print money.

It’s because we make engines and aircraft that last more than 10 minutes before falling apart, you don’t see many Frank’s flying around do you? Our odd cousins across the sea used to say “forget it it’s a Frank” but that weren’t because it was fast but because it no doubt fell apart mid flight before it could report home.

That is our dear Wallace, you attempt dare insult a man with such fine taste in cheese and also someone who is a genius? You’re making our aircraft look better not worse! Who may I add happened to have possible had a fling with Lady Tottington.


A fine piece of crumpet I must say.

Name me ONE Japanese lady that can compete with that, you can’t. Name me one Japanese man as accomplished as Wallace and let me remind you Jackie Chan is Chinese.

Well we do have plenty of 109 pilots… They need the Sea Fury the most, it might even make them take the tights off and wear a manly pair of shorts!

The Tempest will stop you from being a Taylor Swift fan and keep you away from German aircraft but only the Sea Fury or Hornet will make you a real man. You’re like a Mustang pilot but without the painted fingernails.


This was Camel as soon as he landed. One flight was all it took. THIS is what I mean people! Even the locals made a pyramid in his honour. If America had more Sea Furies then maybe their frogs wouldn’t be acting so weird.

Ah yes, the Gannet. An aircraft so good that every type of man wanted one, didn’t matter whether you wrestled crocodiles for sport or gobbled sausages… Besides how is it ugly? It’s cute like a Pug with its squashed up nose. It just wants to snore and fart on your lap and you know… struggle to breathe in the summer.

Also if you want to talk about ugly designs I think a little self reflection would do you good sir. Your most famous fighter the “Zero” (historically named after its value) has no stylistic flair whatsoever. The nose? Round, wings? Round, roundel? Round. No wonder they got shot down so much (by Americans of all people) especially when you painted those red targets all over them.

You even have a plane with the propeller on the wrong way around!! Yes we did the same at one point as did the Americans but we stopped when we sobered up. Put down the Saki, Sum Ting Wong and let a proper country design your aeroplanes, or just fly a proper one… the Sea Fury.


This is peak War Thunder forums.

please never change

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and I like this moustache

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One of the top trims for the Impreza came only as a CVT, and that’s with all their CVTs being unreliable and quitting by what, 30k mi?

Well printing money on a new Starion necessitates that it’s actually good, unlike Mitsubishi’s current offerings… even the 400Z wasn’t doing too well last I checked, despite the hype it got at launch.

Worked just fine when it wasn’t running on fuel made from pine needles. The US also scrapped or destroyed all of them, out of fear their aircraft would look poor compared to the sleek and agile japanese fighters.

Funnily enough there was a flying Ki84 in the 70s, but it was left neglected and with unsupervised access to it, parts were stolen, you can figure out the rest. It’s in another museum now but no longer flies.

Out of the kindness of my heart, I’ll gladly take you to an eye doctor to hopefully rectify your poor eyesight!

Sadly she has been cursed with a terrible condition known as “Napier Sabre-level engine unreliability”, and her slender figure wouldn’t be seen all that often. Still would.

What do good looking women, cars, and planes have in common? They all have curves, and so does the Zero.

Of course, this analogy may be lost on you, since british women and food turned the british into some of the best sailors in the world, hoping they could run away from both of those things into greener pastures.

This is the general reaction of Bristol engineers when they realized their sleeve valved engine with slightly more displacement than the comparatively mundane R-3350 was making significantly less power than it.

Which didn’t even make it in time for the war, despite not having the pressures of low quality fuels or getting firebombed. Such is the quality of engineering that would later spawn British Leyland.

I mean, it took them YEARS and extensive post-war testing to find out that their beloved ellyptical wing offered no benefits over a standard trapezoidal design and its superiority was but a myth, confined to theoretical calculations.
Such a wing design that they had stolen from Heinkel earlier, so it wasn’t even their idea anyway.

Tell me you’re a comedian IRL right? If not soooooo much wasted potential

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One of the issues with the 400Z was to an extent it was too much, Mitsubishi needs to make a car that challenges the BRZ and the Toyota. Keep it affordable, around 250bhp maximum and for the love of god DON’T make it a sporty crossover. Keep the styling 80’s’ish and watch people go mad for them.

Because it was terrible.

But no in all seriousness that’s a crying shame and if there are other mothballed KI84’s there needs to be a movement to get the old girl flying again. I’d love it if someone could get one of the C.202’s flying again. We can dream.

Ah! Now it all makes sense, this is why you’re too scared to have your life infinitely improved by the Sea Fury and fly Japanese planes. Just know that as an exceedingly powerful gentleman I may be disgusted by your aircraft taste and lack of physique but I have nothing wrong with the rainbow people.

Now listen here Elton John. The Napier Sabre was a relatively high revving big burly 24 cylinder with tons of power. You couldn’t even get a plain Jane V12 right, the Germans even gave you a V12 with 1940’s Mercedes reliability. You turned it into a V12 with 2024 Mercedes reliability.

I can’t believe I almost praised the Germans…

I’m sorry but I must disagree with the utmost disrespect. The Zero… curvy?! First you insult lady Tottington and now you spout this nonsense. In the early years we had the elegant Spitfire, the Germans had the drawn with a ruler 109 (this is why they liked the Swastika because it was so easy to draw for them.) and Japan have the blunt nosed fat winged Zero. It’s like a fat kid at school. It can’t run fast but you watch him turn around for a slice of pizza.

Even the Americans made a more sleek looking aircraft and that’s saying something. Usually all Chuck wants is something he can fit in without using butter and a cup holder for his heart attack sized Coke.

Actually our sailors went away to spread British values to other countries to enrich them whilst we only asked for some of their cuisine in return. Notice we largely avoided Japanese food. Besides most of the Japanese chefs are so bad they don’t even cook their food. I don’t understand why Japanese pilots never took raw meats… lets face it it’d be cooked well before they hit the ocean.

“There’s no replacement for displacement”, that’s the one coherent sentence that the Americans have said that ever made perfect sense. You see we make our engines to actually last long enough to come home out of the finest British materials blessed by Nigella Lawson herself.

We’re perfectionists.

Yes it did. It meant the Spitfire could carry 8 machine guns and be the single most beautiful aircraft of the second world war which is an undisputable fact.

Plus if you wish to bat for the sausage swallowing tights wearing goose steppers those magical leading edge slats that they had to fit on their poorly performing 109 was a Handley Page invention. We only gave a German some credit because we gave the Germans such a hard spanking in the first world war that we decided to give them something back out of charity.

So the classroom ruler designed 109 needed our slats, the Ki84 needed automatic flaps and the Sea Fury needs neither because we actually know how to design a proper aircraft. Britain wins as Britain always does which is why Gaijin tries its hardest to gimp us. Something they should do to the Germans because they would actually enjoy that sort of thing.


Lmao!! This is crazy XD

I’m reading all these in a British accent in my head and I can’t stop laughing XD


I feel the need to state that I have just decided to research the British tree exclusively and only for the sea fury.

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Not even the grandkids could give your mother and father as much pride as that very sentence.

Can I turn fight in my XP-50 or nah?

no you don’t understand everything NEEDS to be lame and gay! they turned the eclipse into a shitty unremarkable crossover and ralliart into a cosmetic trim option and you WILL like it!

It’s not even the same Ki-84 that the US spent ungodly amounts of money and effort rebuilding for flight testing - that one likely got scrapped. It was instead restored by none other than the Planes of Fame museum. AFAIK it is also the only surviving Ki-84 in existence.
There are so many aircraft I’d love to see fly again, but there’s just so few left that it’s a massive risk to have them fly and potentially lose them.

So unless someone is willing to make a replica, I don’t see it happening. And it seems that aircraft from the pacific theater are often forgotten compared to those from elsewhere.

And just like anything that came out of British Leyland years later, horribly unreliable.

Japan is a nation of craftsmen, not dirty factory workers. They were also believers in Radial Superiority, and later fixed the Ki-61-II with a smaller displacement radial, making the same power but far more reliably.

Indeed, it has plenty of curves in the right places!

How can something with no chin be called elegant? Even its supposedly good looks couldn’t help it from being slower than the lower powered 109s.

Say what you will, but the 109 was CHEAP. Quantity and simplicity are qualities in their own right.

And how much of this cuisine did the british adopt? Or have they simply stuck with barely seasoned “food” instead?

Good sir I vehemently OBJECT to this statement! By all possible measures, the Zero was slim and light as a feather, well outside of any possible competition by these nasty stinky yuropeean “fighters”.


No replacement for displacement until you start injecting water-methanol and pumping 150 octane gas.


Only because they couldn’t make a reliable 20mm cannon even if their life depended on it, which it did. More below.

While using two american machineguns (Browning .303 and .50) and a swiss 20mm cannon (Hispano-Suiza HS.404).
While the Merlin needed crank bearings from the MIGHTY Allison V1710 and US-made gas to become what it was.

That was the N1K-Js, and potentially the A7M too. AFAIK Ki-84 didn’t get that, which is a shame. Leave it to the boat maker Kawanishi to put more emphasis on maneuverability than Nakajima.

Still waiting on the A6M8 with its 1500hp engine to be added.

Also that part about food - they actually had dedicated pilot food!