YI just got Chatban for saying and buy a Phantom

Not sure why I got 30 day chat ban for saying that but I want clarity on why . I know this is not the place but whatever Mod closes this please provide link and go ahead and look at my chat history. It says discussion of illegal mods wth do you even mean illegal mods what mods have I been discussing please tell me show me screenshot of where I even talked about any mods please do I will find it interesting

If you have questions concerning any punishment you may have gotten, pm any Game Master here on the Forum and ask for an explanation. They will not reply to any posts/threads about such things, as punishments are kept private between the player & the game. You should have learned this from the last time you made such a post here concerning the same thing. There are procedures/protocols on how these things work & are handled. And again, taking the time to read & understand the Game Rules we all agreed to when making our accounts would seem a wise investment of your time. Once doing that, if you still have questions, again, pm a Game Master for explanation(s). Once you find out what the chat ban is actually for(since telling someone TO buy a vehicle is not against the Rules) you will know why. And since you have openly admitted that others have or have had access to your account, I would suggest: a) change your pw and keep it to yourself & b) let the others know of this decision, and finally c) read the Rules and get a handle on what is and is not acceptable to post in the game’s chats. Then you can play and post in game without fear of losing your privilege to chat in the game.

Good Luck

Le Chance I know you in chat and you can STOP telling others that my kid played my account as I have stopped him your actually slandering me behind my back telling others that its probably my kid playing I know this because the ones you where talking too told me later when I played with them . So I know why your here and If I was allowed to report what you said about me according to those players I would but its not againts the rules to talk behind players backs in private chat so thats that. I never mention a word about you or other players please show me the same respect

Better off DMing a game master than asking in game discussion


Never know, could ask the update channel… Oh wait…

Thanks man will do sorry for rages just not sure wth I got 30 day ban for its not like I even talk to others much in chat and all and I sure dont attack others or even negative conversations with others so Im hoping its a mistake and not oh you mentioned Shoti sqaud and what they doing 3 weeks ago

No probs, always annyoing when something like this happens, hopefullly they will be able to give you an explanation