Yeah Air RB is perfectly fine

So I want to show you this replay of a game I was just in that ended in like 3 minutes?

Before anyone could even react single Do-335 destroyed all ground targets ending game. I mean fantastic game design. His single pass against tank column shreded like 3/4 of our tickets?

If that is not a proof that Air RB need a rework I dont know what is.

Edit: Another game same guy in Do-335 on Hurtgen. Before we could even get to him half the tickets were gone.


That seems more like an issue with the team.

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i havnt watched the replay, but how is that an issue with the team?
If certain strike aircraft ( like the wyvern) utilize their airspawn to groundpound , there is little that can be done to stop them before damage is done. Especially on larger maps.

It’s an issue with the team because they allowed an enemy to get within the range of ground units. That means they were narrow visioned focused on whatever was in front rather than the sides, rear, above or below.

Sicily is a ticket map. And BlazeOfJoy was on the advantage side from the ground target point of view because every plane is able to kill pillboxes and there are only few planes able to kill tanks especially front aspect. But no attacker dived. On this map, on this side, the team have to react if the first tank is killed by enemy.
The Dornier player shows that he is able to kill a complete row in one run, so everybody knows, what will happen. But no one reacted.

If both Dorniers would play together, this battle would be over in seconds.


Guy was not even detected in the first place by attackers that went for bases. Second thing was our entire team was like only half way to the battle before our tanks started to die? So what we were supposed to do? Not climb and just hug the deck to intercept target we had no clue is there?

Anyway second proof mentioned in opening post: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Hurtgen, same guy, before we got even close to battle to intercept him half the tickets were already gone. Only plane that was able to engage at that point was AU-1 which died due to missplay. Sure he could control that. Rest of the team couldn’t do anything at that point because we were like 8km away.


How high was your team?

This is when he killed first tanks. 1.5km alt for me and 18km away from him.

And here is where I noticed our tickets evaporated just you know 1 min 30 seconds later:

When I am 9km away from him. Still thinking we had chance to react?

While these sort of matches aren’t common, they definitely happen. A couple I’ve been involved in that I recall:

  1. Sicily map… one side had 7 or 8 Wyverns and the other had hardly any air spawn non-bombers. Wyverns destroyed ground targets basically before any of the other team could get in contact with them. Few minutes is all it took.

  2. Tunisia… in a 6v6 (or close to) match, other side had 2 Wyverns that just went for the pillboxes and our side had no air spawn non-bombers. On this map, even flying straight towards them from soon after take-off (i.e. when you actually see the battle messages of what is happening) it’s impossible to get to them in time.

Viewing server replays it seems obvious that the losing side did the wrong thing, but in the actual game you don’t have the visibility of what is happening until too late. You don’t know the enemy composition at the start. It’s only when you see a few different ground-attackers hitting targets when you realise they can finish the game quickly and you physically can’t get to them.


1 unsure why you angled a 2. There’s the issue you are pointlessly climbing If that Do was going in a straight line and or doing very very shallow climbs then they would be above the field far faster than by the time you arrive.

yeah? You’re still climbing mindlessly and brainlessly while he is doing it and you can see it happening on the tickets/killfeed. It’s your fault.

Hint: you’d go faster to reach his location if you weren’t pointing your nose away from his plane and weren’t going 270kph

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He didn’t have a chance to win. Their team was likely climbing and never flatlining.

He can just go after the guy killing tickets…

In other words your attackers were busy with useless tasks like bombing respawning bases and a single attacker was able kill to your tanks - as he was doing his job.

Look at his stats 120k ground kills (!!!) and watch the vid from his perspective: He knew where and when to attack and on which side first.

Imho a outstanding performance of this guy!

…and Poland.

They have all in common that they are old maps. Sicily and Tunisia were changed to 4 bases maps, whilst Poland is still a 3 bases map with a “killable” airfield.

  • The main flaw of these maps is that gaijin’s intern who had adjusted these maps had increased the total amount of tickets but he did not change the total number of ground targets. You see similar effects on Frontline Mozdok & Korsun.

  • On top of that he reduced on Sicily and Tunisa the relative ticket impact of a base kill to 300 tickets on then “new” 7.600 ticket map - whilst eliminating the additional ticket drop when all 3 bases (=Mission target) where destroyed.

  • Basically Ground kills became way more effective regarding their ticket impact. On top of that Sicily and Tunisia received ai planes which also kill ground units (whilst their number remained unchanged) and reduce additional enemy tickets if you kill them.

  • Before the map change on Sicily this was my favorite map - the 24 tanks were part of just 2 columns - whilst 6 of them were stationary for the first minutes. With a high speed attack run to the left column, a precise drop and a sharp turn to the right and another drop you could kill 12 tanks guaranteed, sometimes 13 or 14 in under 3 minutes.

  • The only planes able to get somehow in gun range where Narvals and A2D1s - all others had no chance to catch you in a Ju 288.

  • The main difference compared to today - a single tank kill reduce enemy tickets with 101 tickets (on a 2.900 ticket map) and gained a mission score of ~ 300 points. If you had activated an SL booster and added an antimech order you could earn ~ 270-280.000 SL on this map.

  • So it was impossible to win the match immediately without any base kills - the game play impact as seen in the replay is just a prime example of gaijin’s feedback resistance.

  • But this is nothing new - imho most of the long tern players are fully aware of the flaws of these map…


What your saying could not be further from the truth and for me, is a big problem with the community.

The map in question has actual objectives - viable objectives too.
Majority of players dont read the objectives and just full yolo.

The person in question had a brain and played the objective - your team should have read their objectives and acted accordingly.

There are many maps where you can win via objectives - just no-one looks or tries.

IMO objectives make the game more interesting and a welcome break from deathmatches.

You or your team fucked up, depending on the map there are many ways to win - take out tanks (20mm can do this) - take out light pillboxes (even 7.7 can do this).
Think more.


It’s not only about reacting. You can guess what will happen before the battle by a few thoughts:
It’s sicily
You will play against germany
It’s about 5.7
Do 335 is on sale

So one tactic could be to fly straight with high speed climb to your ground targets near enemy af and check. If no one ground pounds turn right and climb or turn into your mates and climb.

I don’t know if your team had a chance at all. The VB with his airspawn did nothing either. Your attackers did useless bombing although with a bomber in your team, fighters climbed for save play. So the Dornier did his job.

If you know what your plane is able to do and you have the skill for, that’s the result.
I did such battles time ago with the Horten 229 on the old Afghanistan map. If I reached the tank rows unspotted, game was over. Same on old Spain with the F4U-4B.

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