Yak 3U Overpower!

Can someone explain to me how a yak3U can be very fast after climbing and making a small turn against a BF 109 K4 at 5km, while at 6km with 405km/h I couldn’t catch it???

Easily explained by legal documents not related to aircraft at all

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Not only 3U, whole yak3 family ingame are OP. this is how a russian company do for their own vehicles, take it.

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Alternatively the Yak 3 simply outclassed all German fighters of the era, which is why LW advised pilots not to dogfight it.


The Yak-3U was a post war improvement on the basic versions, increasing the effective altitude to 6000m, but did not make it into production due to the end of the war and advent of jets.


that’s why it should be put at a higher BR, but gaijin never made any adjustment over the years


At 5.7 in AB/RB is is OK - it lacks firepower and armor compared to most at that level, and the airframe is quite weak.

And the Yak-3 faced mostly 109 G-6s, not K-4s. The 3U is widely known for being better than the already very powerful Yak-3 VK107 (only built VERY late in the war and in postwar period).

Besides, if the Yak-3 was so superior to german fighters of the era (109 G-6s, 190 A-5s to A-7s), then why does it sit at a lower BR (4.3) than the G-6 (4.7) and late A-5s (4.7)?

If it truly is that much better, then it should go to 5.0 or 5.3, or these german planes (which again, it outperformed) should be moved down. Same with the 3U.

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