XM1202 Mounted Combat System: The U.S. Army's Former Abrams Replacement

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220px-Flag_of_the_United_States_svg.png. XM1202 Mounted Combat System

Capture.PNG.9990160efcf3c90d78a08735afaa XM1202_MCS.jpg

XM1202 Mounted Combat System 3D Visuals.


XM1202 prototype turret. Note the autoloader.

  • Description :

    • The XM1202 Mounted Combat System is a U.S. Tank design that was due to replace the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank. Development began in 2002 when DARPA awarded 4 contracts to different designers oversee the development of common air transportable vehicles that could be transported on a C-130 fully assembled. This became to be known as the Future Combat Systems Manned Ground Vehicles (MGV) Program. In the mid-2000’s development shifted to General Dynamics and BAE Systems resulting in the Common Chassis that formed the basis for the XM1201 Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle, XM1202 Mounted Combat System, XM1203 Non-line-of-sight cannon, XM1204 Non-Line-of-Sight Mortar, XM1205 Field Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle, XM1206 Infantry Carrier Vehicle, XM1207/8 Medical Vehicle, and XM1209 Command and Control Vehicle. These vehicles shared everything from composite and addon armor, electronics, to next generation hybrid diesel-electric engines. This was done to cut costs, as well as ease of access to repair parts/components. Vehicles varied in weight and capability. The XM1202 however, frequently utilized advanced technologies that were specific to this variant. Some developments included the XM360 Light Weight Gun coupled to an autoloader that could fire standard 120mm rounds such as the M829A3 APFSDS-T as well as the new XM1111 guided rounds. These rounds were designed for LOS/BLOS engagements and could penetrate tanks and other vehicles in a “top-attack” or high angle fashion. The rounds were also created to engage structures and bunkers. These rounds were broken down into two types, the Mid-Range Munition-Kinetic Energy, and the Mid-Range Munition-Chemical Energy. Each were guided by a semi-active Laser/IR Seeker. The XM360 120mm Gun was also a unique design. Weighing 2,100lbs lighter than the M1 Abrams M256 120mm gun, the XM360 also featured an Ammunition Data Link to use programmable ammunition, as well as a higher pressure limit to handle more powerful Kinetic Energy rounds. The XM360 featured a fluted muzzle brake. The XM1202 also incorporated new electronics such as 2nd Generation FLIR for the Commander as well as several next generation communications/sensor technology that increased situational awareness. These sensors were crucial as the XM1202 did not have the armor capacity of the M1A2 Abrams so it had to achieve first-hit capabilities. The XM1202 was also destined to utilize the Raytheon Quick Kill APS system which was designed to shoot an intercept missile vertically with drive boosters forcing the missile downward before the main propulsion took over and intercepted the target. This advanced targeting system was designed to prevent troop injury by having the intercept missile come from a high angle, forcing the explosion towards the ground to prevent personnel injury for infantry operating around the vehicle. The Quick Kill APS saw successful intercept/detonations of the Konkurs ATGM, RPG-7’s and other Anti-Tank weaponry. The XM1202 also housed a 12.7mm M2HB Machine Gun, or a 40mm Grenade Launcher. This was controlled by the Gunner/Commander at the Commander’s Station. The vehicle only had a crew of two, a Driver and a Commander who had to fulfil the duties of the Gunner. The stress from the responsibilities of the two man crew was minimized due to the automated features on the tank. The vehicle also featured composite and bolt-on addon armor that significantly increased protection against 14.5mm Machine Gun Fire as well as up to 45mm Auto Cannon rounds. The vehicle was a radical new design, improving protection, lowering weight, and using next generation ammo that could have set it apart from any rivals. Development continued until 2009 when the Army cancelled the project due to budget cuts and the lack of protection versus IED’s. No complete vehicle was finished before the program was cut. A prototype turret and multiple different hulls were completed but never fitted together due to the programs cancellation. The only completed vehicle of the family is the XM1203 NLOS Self-Propelled Gun.
  • Armament:

    • Main Weapon: 120 mm XM360 LW L/46 Smoothbore Gun (27rds in Autoloader)
      • Rounds:
        • M829A3 APFSDS-T
        • M830 HEAT-T
        • M830A1 HEAT-MP-T
        • MRM Guided Rounds
          • XM1111 MRM-KE (Kinetic Energy) Guided Round
            • Warhead: Kinetic Energy Penetrator
            • Max Range: 12km
            • Speed: 1700m/s
            • Guidance: Dual-mode MMW, Imaging Infrared (IIR) Autonomous Seeker/Semi-Active Laser
            • Firing Capability: LOS/BLOS
          • XM1111 MRM-CE (Chemical Energy) Guided Round
            • Warhead: Shaped HEAT
            • Max Range: 12km
            • Speed: 1700m/s
            • Guidance: Dual-mode MMW, Imaging Infrared (IIR) Autonomous Seeker/Semi-Active Laser
            • Firing Capability: LOS/BLOS
      • Rate of Fire: 12rds/min
    • Additional Weapons:
      • 40mm Grenade Launcher
      • 12.7mm M2HB Machine Gun
  • Maneuverability:

    • Engine: Detroit Diesel 5L890 Diesel Engine
    • Transmission: Coupled Electric Transmission
    • Chassis: Torsion Bar
    • Max Speed: ~90km/h
  • Dimensions:

    • Length: TBD
    • Width: TBD
    • Height: TBD
    • Weight: 20-24t
  • Crew (2x):

    • Commander/Gunner
    • Driver
  • Features:

    • Unmanned Turret.
    • 8x 76mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • Optics (Block I FLIR for Commander/Gunner):
      • Commander/Gunner: Common Medium Range EIOR Sensor (2nd Generation Thermal Viewer)
      • Driver: NVD
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • Bolt-on Armor Paneling/Composite Armor
      • Protection up to 14.7mm rounds and shrapnel, all around protection. Protection vs. 30-45mm cannon fire on the frontal arc.
    • Raytheon Quick Kill APS (Optional)
      • 360 degree active protection system designed to eliminate ATGM and RPG based weapons.
  • Reason for Implementation:

    • The XM1202 would be a unique add to the game due to it featuring a 2 man crew, guided munitions, and modern FCS/Thermals. It would be a top tier vehicle, as it is very capable of engaging targets all across maps due to its MRM munitions as well as being able to fire standard 120mm APFSDS-T rounds. No other vehicle is like it in-game and due to its being mostly assembled, could find a home in-game as a Tech Tree, Premium, or Event vehicle. The vehicle is capable of sustaining autocannon fire however, rounds from 120mm+ guns will knock it out. It’s role would be best as a sniper due to its fast firing autoloaded gun and long range munitions. Some may say that it’s never been a completed vehicle, however, we have a completed hull, and a completed turret with auto loader. Therefore it meets the criteria for game entry. Specifications may be difficult to receive without contacting the manufacturer directly.
  • Imagery/Videos:



PowerPoint slide describing capabilities of the XM1202 MCS.


XM1202 image describing parts of the vehicle.


Image showing electronics installed onto the XM1202.


Closeup of the Commanders CITV.


An image outlining the 120mm XM360 gun.


A FCS demonstrator hull.


Side view of the FCS demonstrator hull.


XM360 on a mockup XM1202 hull for firing tests.


Rounds fired during multiple firing tests.


XM1202 prototype turret.


Another view of the turret. Note the Autoloader.


Side view of the experimental turret.


Rear view of the turret.

1328325737_image041.jpg Another view of the XM1202’s 120mm gun.


View of the gun and breech only.

FCS: 120mm XM360 - YouTube

Testing of the XM360 main gun.


XM1202 Chassis cutout. The same exact hull and chassis are used by the XM1203 with the exception of modifications to field the 155mm gun.


The XM1203, the only completed prototype out of the vehicle family. Hull is reference for XM1202.


Side view of the XM1203. Hull for XM1202 reference only.


Rear of the XM1203. Hull for XM1202 reference only.


M829A3 APFSDS-T specifications.


Estimated penetration of the M829A3 APFSDS-T round.


Experimental XM1111 MRM-CE guided round.


Different versions of the XM1111 round.


Kinetic Energy version of the round.

FCS Quick Kill - YouTube

Raytheon’s Quick Kill Active Protection System (APS).


Quick Kill APS Launcher and Missile.


Quick Kill APS launcher.


This is really cool, and I hope it comes soon! +1


Awesome suggestion but since it was never assembled, it would be hard for it to be in the game. Instead like you pointed out, having the XM1203 would be a reasonable vehicle to add though not much is known about it

+1 Definitely a YES from me, a very interest vehicle that is similar to LOSAT but instead it actually usefull. Would love to see it in the tech tree, not as event vehicle, especially not the crafting event.

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+1 Certainly as TT in the TD line

+1 Squadron if it comes down to it

Way to unique and one off and capable to be event

The LOSAT CCVL was, but thankfully we have the Bradley LOSAT for the TT


+1 for tech tree, maybe after M1128 as TD or after HSTV-L as light tank (preferrably light tank), also definite + for the additional ammunition (MRM-KE and CE)

Luckily since a turret exists and plans of the vehicle in its completed form exist, and a completed vehicle of the family, there’s a chance this could be implemented since it fits in WT’s suggestion guidelines.

Honestly, this would have been the army’s smartest move in a LONG time. A universal platform that provides all the capabilities needed for modern warfare that could also feature new variants such as an air defense/C-UAS platform, that could’ve been enhanced by hard-kill APS like from Raytheon’s Quick Kill suite. The commonality of the platform would’ve saved a LOT of money. Armor could’ve been further enhanced overtime with modular plating, keeping it lightweight allowed for better transportation capabilities. The similar digital architecture with COTS features would’ve been easy to change and maintain throughout an entire vehicle family. Sadly a lost opportunity.

Edit: I’m going to come back and clean up this post a bit. Such a unique opportunity for a vehicle in-game addition. Both the XM1202 MBT and XM1203 SPH. If there are other partially built versions, I will likely put out information on those as well.

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