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XK2 (Korean Active Protection System)


Brief Introduction
The K2 Black Panther program began in 1992, as a replacement for the K1. Full-scale development began in 2003, and the first prototypes, known as XK2, were produced beginning in 2007. The K2 eventually entered production in 2011. At least one XK2 was tested with the KAPS – the Korean Active Protection System – shortly after, but it never found its way onto production K2s, but will likely be integrated onto the future K2 Product Improvement Program (PIP).

The XK2 (KAPS)'s distinct feature over the production K2 is, as mentioned, the presence of the APS. The KAPS consists of multiple radars located around the turret cheek (the taller ones; the other radars closer to the barrel are part of the soft-kill APS), and 2 launchers with 2 charges each at the rear of the turret, similar to that of the Israeli Iron Fist. Results from testing of the KAPS in 2012 showed that the system could successfully intercept RPG-7 and Metis-M ATGMs fired from 150m away in 0.2-0.3 seconds, exploding 10-15m in front of the vehicle.

Otherwise, the XK2 with KAPS doesn’t differ much from the production K2. The vehicle is armed with a CN08 120mm L/55 cannon, domestically developed by Hyundai. This cannon fires multiple domestically produced APFSDS rounds, including K279 and K279 Improved. K279 is said to penetrate >700 mm (LoS at 60° obliquity) at 2000 m, and K279 Improved should increase this slightly. The vehicle also has a bustle autoloader, enabling the tank to fire at up to 10 rpm (6 seconds reload). The K2 has elevation/depression angles of -5°/+20°, and traverse/elevation rates of 33.8º/second and 25.3º/second respectively.

The K2 has generation 2 gunner and commander thermals, as well as an advanced FCS featuring a laser rangefinder, laser-warning receivers, and as previously mentioned, a soft-kill APS.

Protection wise, the K2 is presumed to be very strong. The vehicle has composite armour better than the KSAP used on the K1A2 and beyond, which is said to provide 600mm of KE protection. The K2 is said to be able to withstand 120mm APFSDS rounds, including the earlier-generation K276 fired from the K2’s cannon. The sides protect against 30mm APDS. The production K2 is able to equip ERA along the sides, but this is not present on this particular XK2 model.

The K2 weighs 55t (combat weight), and the XK2 with KAPS is presumed to weigh around the same. The vehicle has a 1500hp engine, propelling the vehicle to a maximum speed of 70km/h. The tank has 3 crew – commander, gunner and driver.

The XK2 (KAPS) would be a nice top-tier vehicle for a future United Korean tech tree, or alternatively a South Korean sub-tree. It would fit at BR 11.7+ (depending on future BR decompression) along with all other top-tier MBTs.

Armament and Other

  • 120mm CN08 L/55
    • K276 APFSDS
      • At least 600 mm (LoS at 60° obliquity) at 2000 m
    • K279 APFSDS
      • At least 700 mm (LoS at 60° obliquity) at 2000 m
    • K279 Improved APFSDS
      • Unknown, better than K279
    • K277 HEAT-FS
      • 600mm
  • Autoloader
    • 10 rpm
  • Sights
    • Generation 2 thermal sights (Gunner + Commander)
  • Other
    • LRF, LWS, soft-kill APS, hard-kill APS


  • Said to protect against 120mm APFSDS rounds, > 600mm KE protection
  • Sides protect against 30mm APDS


  • Speed
    • 70km/h
  • Weight
    • 55t
  • Engine Power
    • 1500hp



kapsch03 copy


  • XK2 with KAPS diagram


  • Turret layout of standard K2





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