Xi'an JH-7, History, Performance & Discussion

Is there any information about how Kh-29T cooperate with targetpod? We know that AGM-65D seekers can be boresighted to line of sight of other EO/IR system from F-4E manual. If there is no evidence about it I don’t it should have such capacity.

I think your replying to me on the wrong thread, I’m talking about the Jh-7A here…

We already have the Kh-29T on the Mig-27K and Su-39, and just like any other optical air to ground missle, the seeker will be slaved to your targeting pod and so long as its within FOV, will lock and launch when you select and fire upon a target in the camera view

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I could of worded it better but you misunderstood the context of what I was saying, I was asking if we would get the Kh-29TD found on the Mig-29SMT, and also the Kh-29L, but I wasn’t trying to imply that the Kh-29L is found in the SMT. regardless my question was about what versions of the Kh-29 the JH-7A will get.

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Also not sure if it has been posted in this thread yet, but the KD-88 has officially been denied for the foreseeable future.

So I hope gaijin consider add LS series guided bomb & TG series guided bomb, and PL-5E or PL-9 replacement PL-5B on JH-7A december this year

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the 1000KG laser guided bomb we already have in game already one of the best laser guided bombs china can have on a plane?

Yep, you’re right. In game, the names are not really correct but the 3D model and guidance characteristics show that it’s one of the latest models.


Let’s say dev not add Kh29T on JH-7A

I expect gaijin consider LT-2 & LT-3 guided bomb and LS-6 series guided bomb on JH-7A at least december this year or Q1 2024

Maybe you didn’t see it, but it’s already confirmed that we will get the Kh-29’s this update for the JH-7A, were just not sure what exact versions tho…

The should be the standard TV ones.

The post itself is just for the Kh-29T, so that the most likely one, however its possible that we may get a more modern version, and I hope we also get the Kh-29L, so we have an option for a cheaper loadout


The seeker Is smaller for the E variant.

The one in the picture may very well just be an inert Kh-29 for training purposes, hints the strange camo, however, there’s no good way to tell the T from the TE/TD in my opinion, certainly not from a distance…

It’s same.

Common Vympel exhibition camo for missiles.

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Definitely doesn’t match the Kh-29 we see in the picture on the Jh-7A, but no versions do so it’s either a unique Chinese paint for the Kh-29’s, or it’s just a inert version for training, also unique to China.

A chinese forum said that they were the standard ones.
As a confirmation china bought a batch of kh29T
In the 2000s.

Then I guess we can expect just the regular Kh-29T. Any evidence that china ever bought any other versions like the Kh-29TE or Kh-29L?