Xi'an JH-7, History, Performance & Discussion

Can you share this leak? Most leaks I’ve seen(regardless of how legit they are) all seem to point towards the J-10

Im not sure if they will ever buff the Q-5L, but hopefully the JH-7A gets the Kh-29. Only problem with missles like the KD-88 is that it’s just too good for the game currently unless it comes in a very nerfed state

I mean, it would be extremely overdue but a welcome thing regardless.
PL-8A/B and PL-5E could also make an appearance and wouldn’t break the game too

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PL-8B would be great as it has IRCCM, but if you want a PL-5 with similar capabilities then you want PL-5EII, the PL-5E would be the same as the PL-5C we currently have in game


It got buried in the next update thread

This is fake, obviously. The MICA was confirmed as “too advanced for the game anytime soon”. That indicates that it would not be coming next patch. Also, the format of the leak list and the fact that it’s from discord is a giveaway. There are few known leakers who have been regularly accurate about what is to come, and none of them posted this.

Posting fake leak lists has become a favorite pastime of some forum frequenters.


Yeah that one had so many bad “leak” ideas it showed how u educated the maker was

Why gaijin is holding Kh-29 for it? I mean we already have Kh-29 in game

Last thing we heard is that the developer is still reviewing adding Kh-29T

But why they didnt add it in the first place?

typicaly the reason is the developers werent aware of the possibility it used that equipment and now has to check the validity of the proves you send in. be aware we have a lot weapon suggestion standing for the Tiger UHT since a year and has yet to be added

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Cuz the chinese ground attack planes from the Q-5A on need to be gimped to hell and back, that’s why.

@soviet_MoonMan thats the one, like i said, just a reddit leak so i wouldnt trust it even a second

I don’t, it looks sus tbh

Guys, we won!
JH7A can carry up to 4XKH29T as the air to ground loadout // Gaijin.net // Issues
Kh-29T will be added in next major update.


Now we just need better AAMs but I’m greatly pleased with this already.

It will most likely get PL-12 in the upcoming update

while that is nice , i have 1 thing to complain about, the ducking hell how come they didnt close your bug report for chatter, any western bug report gets closed for messages if 3 people voice their complains as well in it

I mean, can’t exactly call “i agree” chatter in my book but hey, guess it is still pretty amusing to see

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Shout-out to everyone that helped push for this and bring it to the Dev’s attention!

@Smin1080p have the devs decided what version of the Kh-29 we will be getting on the JH-7A? Im assuming at the very least we might get the regular Kh-29T, but I’m also woundering if we might see the Kh-29TD as on the Mig-29SMT and also the Kh-29L