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Welcome to the suggestion for the WZ551D. This is a Chinese prototype surface-to-air missile system which uses the PL-9 missile used on a variety of Chinese aircraft. The vehicle features a radar system as well, and while its missiles would be extremely good against aircraft, one downside would be that due to the size of the missiles, it is unlikely any spares would be stored in the vehicle. However, this vehicle is a rather obscure prototype, and information on the vehicle is limited. If you find anything here to be incorrect, I’d appreciate it or any other information or pictures you have.



A small scale model of the WZ551D.

In December of 1987, NORINCO and the China Air-to-Air Missile Research Institute collaborated on a self-propelled anti-aircraft system combining the in-production WZ551 APC chassis from NORINCO, with the (at the time) new PL-9C surface-to-air variant. This version differed from its air-to-air counterpart by having a different motor shape, increased fuel amount, and longer range and overall length. This was combined with a couple other systems, notably with a set of 35 mm anti-aircraft guns for use on the ground or even on board ships.

NORINCO carried out the necessary modifications to the WZ551 chassis, and by early 1990, had submitted the vehicle to the Missile Research Institute for assembly and testing. The completed vehicle, named WZ551D, featured a radar system capable of tracking targets out to 20 km at altitudes of 50 to 4,000 m using an electro-optical tracking system. As for the missiles itself, they were mounted in a set of four, with each missile capable of locking on to a target’s thermal signature at all-aspect, reaching a maximum speed of Mach 2, with a reported slant engagement range of 10 km at an altitude of up to 4,000 meters. The WZ551D featured a laser rangefinder capable of ranging out to 12 km, with a sight magnification of 12×.

While the WZ551D was promising, a major issue found with the vehicle was that the missiles had no proper loading system within the vehicle, and with each PL-9C weighing 120 kg (264.5 lbs), it would not be possible for the crew to load them by hand. It was largely due to this that later designs like the Yitian Air Defense System were seen as more successful, as the missiles were smaller and with a weight of 20 kg (44 lbs), while still being able to engage aircraft up to 6 km. As such, only one WZ551D was made, and it remains as an obscure foray into early surface-to-air systems by China.




Crew: 4 to 6
Length: 6.65 m
Width: 2.8 m
Height (with radar): 5 m
Armament: 4× PL-9C surface-to-air missile
Engine: 180 hp Deutz F8L413F
Maximum speed: 85 km/h
Maximum range: 800 km
Radar search radius: 20 km from 50 - 4,000 m

Mass: 120 kg
Diameter: 167 mm
Length: 2.99 m
Explosive mass: 11.8 kg
Maximum speed: Mach 2.1
Aspect: All-aspect
Maximum overload: 35 to 40 g
All-aspect range: 10 km
Burn time: 3 seconds
Flight time: 60 seconds



PLA Mechanised Infantry Division Air Defence Systems / PLA Point Defence Systems
Overview — PL-9 air defense vehicle — Air Defense — Ground Combat Vehicles — Weapons — Military Periscope
把怪蛇3改的亲妈都不认识(下)——讲讲中国霹雳-9/9C空空导弹的研制过程 -6parkbbs.com
https://www.forecastinternational.com/archive/disp_pdf.cfm?DACH_RECNO=1267 (page 6)




+1 for China TT.

Seems equivalent to the Chaparral but with far better mobility, should fit well around 10.0 as China has a huge AA gap (9.3-11.7) at high BR.

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Chinparral! +1

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+1 Im surprised this managed to pass ngl

+1 I’m guessing there’s probably enough space to fit a set of 4 spares in the rear crew compartment, but the limited ammo load should become less of an issue once the ability to construct replenishment zones gets implemented later this year.



This will probably be 11.3+ if it gets PL-9C. PL-9C has pretty modern seeker with good flare resistance.

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Exactly, PL-9C is a dual-spectrum missile similar to the Stingers or MIM-72G. With also a 40g overload this is more similar to the Type 81C than the Chapparal

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I would suggest giving it base PL-9. That should be good enough for 10.X BR.

  • 1 at 10.0 and Yintian, FK-series at 11.0 and 11.7

I’d prefer the Hunter-1 with its TY-90s that makes it a Strela equivalent for that BR range, rather than a good high-tier vehicle that’s missing its main missile type