WW2 planes' cannon damage is all over the place right now

So I have decided to shoot F8F only with MK108 using universal belt.
To my absolute amazement, wingtip survived 2 hits, and the entire wing got hit 3 times (2 in the wingtip, once in the wingroot) without detaching from the plane.

Meanwhile nuke-real shatte 20mm 1-2 shot wings like it’s nothing.
I don’t think Gaijin has any consistent idea of how damage should work in this game. In case of Mk108 - it’s hard-hitting enough to warrant kills most of the time. But then there are weird stories, like in my screenshot and I wonder how many times guys casually tanked 2-3 shells and kept flying,.


Do you use wifi at all?

Looks ike the damage from those shells can also be wildly inconsistant.


Seems like guns and spars can absorb a lot of the damage.
Even though the damage potential is generally greater compared to realShatter shells:


The real question is anyway, why did Gaijin never implement realShatter for German 20mm and 30mm shells?
They did with 30mm DEFAs and ADENs which also use Mineshells.

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These screenshots were made during server replay, my internet connection is irrelevant.

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And I was firing mostly HEI-T which is more powerfull than HEFI. Generally, in a game where 2 Shvak shells rip entire tail off P-47, it would be reasonable for 2-3 30mm M-geschoss (and 1-0 HEFI) to rip entire wing off. But no such luck.

Actually, it can and does.

So you’re on wifi I take it?


It doesn’t. We’re watching a server replay. You can watch it too (will provide a link once I get start my PC tomorrow) and no matter what you do, the wing is still there while it shouldn’t. Also it’s clear these shells impacted even looking at the damage. The thing is - damage is way lower than it should be. But I guess by random scrub logic “that’s wifis fault” even though I’ve been getting consistent results for years.Stop wasting my time and go troll elsewhere, clown.

It is imho more a question of handholding of the hordes of rookie players flying out non German aircraft. I mean from a technical pov there is not a single German fighter which allows easy kills just based on technical superiority, being undertiered or being meta, the Ta 152 H-1 might be an exception.

So it looks not really like a surprise that Mk 108s show these rather disappointing results. It actually fits to the rest of the game.

I’ve tried flying Ta-152C3 and it’s a nightmare. Essentialy you’re a gunboat that dies to 1-2 enemy 20mm. And you have to rely on a single MK103 to land hits - it’s doable, but enemy can shoot you from long range with 4-6 high velocity weapons with high ROF and large ammo count, which means they will often win by volume anyway.
20mm only work for situations where you overlead with MK103 or to save 30mm ammo during easy shots. They lack range and nowadays - their hitting power is good, the thing is - other cannons hit harder!

Ta-152H at least can outdogfight people and vs some planes - it’s even a bit unfair. But at least it’s fun, vut problem is - guns are not consistent and out of last 10 battles I’ve been in full uptier around 8 times. And jets eat 20 and 30mm like candy.

It’s not scrub logic, it affects what’s being handed to the server in the first instance.

But don’t mind me asking questions in yet another thread with a foregone conclusion that gaijin did things and that it’s the games issue…

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Dude, the server registered the hit. That’s all that counts. If it didn’t - there would be no hit in server replay. It’s that simple.
Holes from shells have a tendency to NOT show up, if they do - it further means the game registered a shell has struck.

The only viable explanation would be - 1st 30mm hit somehow failed to remove a wingtip (good joke) 2nd hit struck aileron that was already gone and so while the hit was registered vs 3d model, the damage did not. Thing is - I made this up with 0 evidence and the most probable course of events was - I hit that wing 3 times and it casually shrugged it off.

I have quite a bit of proper experience, I watch replays of about 10% of my games, so unlike some random scrub, I kind of know how the game behaves. But yeah, lets just blame my wifi on limiting the server-side calculated damage.

IIRC they did, but mineshells don’t rely on fragmentation since the shell has very thin walls (akin to an empty casing), and relies almost entirely on explosives.
Thus RealShatter didn’t really touch them much, they were just mid to begin with.

No, they don’t have realShatter.

You can tell by the large fragmentation sphere they create. Just like P-39 and YaK-9T 37mm HE rounds.

realShatter shells damage the aircraft in smaller area while other shells deal less damage but in a much larger area.

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you mean other shells that also have a lot of explosive filler?

realshatter made fragment dispersion randomized and reduced their number. Hence why guns are unreliable.

NS-37 HE rounds don’t have realShatter, N-37D HE rounds do.
They are practically the same shell but theres a huge difference in damage.


They were somewhat unrealiable but Gaijin just buffed the damage so much that 1-2 20mm hits take off your wing and tail, so you won’t notice much randomness since they almost always take out the target.


Ah, so that’s why damage is just weird now. I’d rather guns have lower damage but be more reliable.