WW2 Night Battles

Now that night battles are optional why not add the option to activate them for lower BR vehicles?


You aren’t wrong. I think this should be added along with the removal of flares from night battles as they are optional now.


it would be nice to get functioning lights on tanks for this mode


Commander “You see that bright light out in dat there field. I dont like it!”

Gunner “yes sir”

Fires 90mm American APHE and disintegrates a Panzer IV


Would have literarily no purpose except attract peoples guns on you. Sure its dark but the moment those lights turns on you die.


This would be really cool to see! Has anyone made a suggestion or does someone need to?

Noise and light discipline.

there’s the solution: on/off switch


That’s what i mean, once you are even near the battle area those lights you have are useless. I mean some tanks have low source lights for night driving in battle-zones. But not all tanks.

I know most Swedish tanks have them, don’t know about other nations.

I personally think illumination flares coupled with lights mounted on tanks like the Strv 81, 101, 103, 104, 105. Ikv 90. would be more useful. Since it gives the player control if they want the enemy to know the “about” area you are in, or use lights for transportation or driving in urban areas.

because that would just turn into exploiter’s grudge match, competing who can abuse game settings better

It’s all fun and games for the contrast exploiter until they get their retina fried by AN/VSS-1 Searchlight.


And no, the M48 is not WW2, I know. It’s just an example. I imagine any other floodlight will be just as uncomfortable.

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Here’s a small list of why it isn’t.
Gaijin hasn’t added vehicle lights.
Baked lighting objects.
Vehicle honk honks.
The ability for Tank Commanders to just fire flares on there own. But limited to a certain amount with different colors->For signaling reasons.

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It’d be far too easy for cheaters to exploit, so no I cannot agree to the idea.

I don’t think the US one gets it, hope they add a M48A3 or A5 to 7.7 with the light

Only if it works though. I don’t think it works rn on the German one.

MFs will be so mad if they get blinded by it in-game, which would be really funny feature

No lights work afaik on tanks so it might never happen

Lmao yeah. That plus horns would be AWESOME!

Yeah I don’t think any of them do as well. I was just talking about the German M48 sense that’s the only other tank I believe that has that specific light. Maybe the spaceship looking M48 has it or the engineering one that’s been taken out of the game


Bosch headlights anyone? Or BEL lights

The US M48A1 used to have the searchlight, but it was removed some time ago. If you look at one of the marketplace skins for it you can still see the searchlight on the thumbnail.

I hope we get it back, even if doesn’t work. I think it looks cool 😎

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Yeah it adds to the signature of the tank