WTH with the 45000 score?

Im not using English as my first language, so plz forgive my trash writing ability
45000 score is pretty incredible.

It also require you complete it in 2 DAYS!!!

Lets do some caculation.

750000 score to get the tradable coupon.

To complete 1 stage, we needs to earn 45000 score in 2 days.

So, 750000/45000 = 16.66667(stages)

That means if you want the tradable coupon, you need do double work in this event.

Hypothesis, you are a pro player with full vehicel squad.(tank、aa、heli、cas).

You spend 15min in each game and you can promise to earn at least 2000 score.

750000 divided by the top tier multiplier factor(1.2*1.4)

750000/(1.2*1.4) = 446426.571

And divide it to know how many games we need.

446426.571/2000 = 223

And how long does it take

223*15 = 3348min = 55h

Complete it in 19 days, means you spent at least 3 hours to do it.

This is the result in ideal, according to i know, most player doesnt have the full top tier.

And more, many players have to have class or work.

Taking out more then 2 hours from their life each day is realy unfair.

Let me know your thoughts. (is my skills issue or this is too hard?)


Engineering artificial scarcity into your made up economy of not-things, for fun and profit an’t eazy.






Ya, it took me between 5-6 hours per star for the last event. They need to either make it 3 days or reduce it to 30k.


I think it makes sense personally, it’s a rank 7 event for 45k Mission score every 2 days, which is pretty easy (for me) even if you just play casually, long with the rank modifiers it shouldn’t be too difficult, although it can be time consuming.

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Everything nice untill you would want to well that vehicle. Then it will be 42k every day fo 18 days straight… 45k is resonable considering only 1 vehicle but 750k is just delusional.


well i can see that as a price to pay, gaijin probably doesn’t want people to resell imo.


Oh they do… But if they make them hard to get, there won’t be many and the collectors will pay stupid money for them. Of which Gaijin gets a cut. Several times along the way.


Snail takes money from every transaction on their market (but i cannot remmember how big of a % they take). IMO locking sellable coupon after 2-3 more stars would probably made bigger profit for snail: if somebody just want’s to sell event vehicle they would get money from market + from ge needed to buy a star. If it’s behind that big of a grind wall less people will probably consider grinding them.

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I worded that wrong, i meant more along the lines of they dont want mass selling (loss price then)

No, it will be 42K per day on average over a period of 18 days.

Allowing one to do way more some days and less on others is very different to “42K every day”

Idk how that score amount will pan out, but more importantly this means players cant GE their way to selling on the market. Which id consider a type of market gambling, where you put money in at a chance of getting more on the market.

Ok, my bad. It’s 42k on averange. But it does not change anything + we don’t know if it will be possible to GE your way to get sellable coupon. I could consider 45k/2days as reasonable based on fact that we have only 1 vehicle to get. But 750k is just a “out of season april fools joke”.

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Of course, its not just this one revenue channel that they are thinking of. The grind to get them also generates game activity (user engagement) and sales that also feeds the Snail.
The house always wins.

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Nope, that’s pretty average from what I know. Just another cash grab by gaijin.

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Honestly it changes quite a bit. It means a lot of days to distribute play over.

Sure the average is what it is, but missing 2 days isn’t suddenly a dealbreaker

I tried commenting on the release post but they deleted my comment. Sorta pisses me off.

All I said was that I think the cost should be half. Many of us have families to care for and responsibilities. We can’t dedicate hours and hours every day. Imagine half of a normal working day dedicated to playing the game EVERY day? Or a full working day every two days?

This apparently didn’t jive. The game should not attempt to make you a no lifer. They can drive a lot more engagement with a lot less effort required. 40,000 to sell the vehicle? Sure. 15-20,000 just to get the vehicle is a lot more feasible. Especially with the frequency they are claiming this will occur.


Every other event for the last few years has been 40k every 2 days.

You had 3 different vehicles to grind in this set amount of time. If you wanted all 3, you had to do 120k in those 2 days.

That 750k is not reliant on the stages, that is simply 19 days to earn 750k. This is beyond the 405k needed over the entire period, and can be done at any point in the event.

There are 9 stages, the 750k is not reliant on the stages.

If you work 12 hours, sleep for 6, you have maybe 4-5 hours free when you take out time for basic chores and eating.
I see no issue with that, especially as somebody with no social life.

Now you don’t have to chase score through Air, Ground, and Sea

It hasn’t even started yet and the game right now is absolutely swarming with trihards in Tier III premiums. ARB is thick with XP50s… I can’t image what its like in top tier.

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