WT Naval in a Nutshell

Broken Match Making
I used to have multiple matches that the enemy team had one more two more players than our team. And the total number of players in each side was just around 4 or 5. The others were bots. No need to mention sometimes the enmey had more players and also had multiple BR7.0 ships while we had none.
If you are in a squard, congratulations! You may have to wait for over 10 minutes to get into one match. Sweet gaming experience!

Broken Spawn Design
Imagine being a cruiser and got gunned down in less than 1 minutes after you spawn, before you can take any action to dodge because you will run into your teammates. Sweet gaming experience!

Broken New Damage Model
Prior to this new update. I was one-shut sunk by a bot Tashkent in a Marat. But it was extremely rare case. After the update, my battlecrusier can be one-shut sunk by a Shimakaze or American light cruisers. The new damage model just make all amor meaningless, and the only thing you need to do is to spam HE behind your teammates. The new change just makes naval completely unplayable to me. Sweet gaming experience!

Broken Servers
Gaijin’s servers must have a crush on me because they just keep crashing! Before this naval grinding event, I often enounter server dis-connection/crashing issues but they were not so frequent as of now. Holy Jesus, 3 out of 5 games ended up terminated due to server error recently. Sweet gaming experience!

Broken Game Design
Sometimes I feel like playing costal fleet in bluewater fleet games is disgusting myself and disgusting the enemy team, especially in Domination Battles (when you have to capture the bases). In several matches, I used costal boats to capture two bases and the match ended up winning too fast. Because I did not do any damage, my activity point was 0, and I ended up losing SL and gaining no RP. I believe the enemy team did not have a good experience either because they just lose too fast. Sweet gaming experience!


It looks like repairing is bugged at the moment still. Repairs seem to constantly repeat. Even if it visually looks like you are repaired it keeps cycling.

Oddly enough, it isnt the repair itself that is bugged. Once a damaged module is repaired, it starts taking damage until it gets to 1hp. This causes the repair to repeat.

Must be a huge bug if it has been over 4 days with this bug.

Im seeing coastal boats being put in maps previously not. The sunken city at 3.0 is new to me, I only see it starter br. African gulf, Norway, Andaman sea , and Arabian Sea too.

for some absurd reason GJ keeps tinking that we want a new CoD like game with ship models and acts in this direction.


What is cod about naval right now?

That’s exactly what I just wrote in another thread. I’ve seen matches where the BR spread was just 0.3 for all ships and then one enemy was 0.7 out of the blue. I like the lower BR spread, but it should be equal on both teams.

Late newcomers after the battle has already started can really skew the odds compared to what is expected from looking through the team list during the countdown.

Having for example an AI 4.3 DD replaced by a Players 5.3 Atlanta can drastically shift the balance in a matter of seconds, especially as the battle may already have moved from spawn and they can pop in to existence from nowhere. Be nice to have a flash card with “Player X (ship type) has joined the battle” so I don’t get a face of HE from a spot that seconds before was an empty ocean, but QOL isn’t this games strong point.


Yeah, I check the stats multiple times to see the changes (very annoying). There are matches in tanks and naval that the whole time was winning and then suddenly it gets steamrolled by the enemy out of nowhere or one team has all 3 caps, the game is almost over and suddenly enemy starts recapping all 3 caps AT THE SAME TIME. Very shady of gaijin to tip the scales in the middle of the match.

It’s even more important to know your opposition lineup right now in naval as any ship can be neutered in seconds, even by something a full tier lower that would previously have been a mere nuisance. Used to be you would take damage but could usually swing your guns and make them pay for their insolence before succumbing. Now it’s 3 salvos or less and it’s over. Basically an instant 2 ship turnover in team stats.

Guys lets not forget the SKR-7s. I am currently at 4.7 Japan. Whichever team has the most SKR-7s wins the game

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The current damage model fiasco in Naval further exposes how garbage the match maker is. I just wrote about my constant uptiers (5.7+ hell) while once in the blue moon full downtiers are a total crap show steamroll losses. Not a smidgen of a chance of winning. Just a premade loss where my shells in a 5.0 US destroyer do little damage while stupid Le Triumphant can explode me in one salvo with the stupid HE.

It’s already 11 am on Monday in Eastern Europe, but I don’t see any damage control from gaijin. I hope they had a very relaxing weekend while they stuck us with this flaming turd.

It’s a real mess.

The SKR had a big reload nerf this match, and currently suffers from losing its invincibility cloak.

Unfortunately they are also in the group with the most to gain from the HE/fragment/armour nonsense as that’s their only option anyway. A half decent captain can farm just as freely as before, maybe even more so.

I do both, hunt and hunter. Triple kills of them using reserve DDs aren’t unusual because they are such common sights and vulnerable right now, but on the other hand a bit of skill to avoid incoming and they can take down bigger prey and get ace status with ease even without rushing coastal caps.

I have changed my playstyle and simply HE spam everyone and everything. Haven’t fired a SAP/AP in days unless I have to. The US 4.7/5.0 is very strong normally but BRs matter little only turret rotation and firerate so anything that can approach them on paper on those can ignore all the other disadvantages they usually have.

HMS Vega, Japan 4.3, even the Italian Geniere and Impetuoso and others can stand toe to toe with Frank Knox, Gearing, etc…it just feels wrong.

Day 5…have I missed any official announcement and acknowledge of the multiple overlapping issues, or is it still “…”?

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This is my biggest turn off from NB. Spawn on open water because it’s the only available spawn for my ship. Immediately being rammed by 5 other teammates because we spawn next to each other. 30 seconds in I get severely damaged from 10-15km away because the closest landmass is 5 minutes away.

I’d play more NB if:

  1. Spawn system got reworked.
  • map location
  • terrain cover
  • player density
  • Alternatively add a 2 minute grace period where your crew is getting to their battlestations and nobody can fire for the first 2 minutes of the match.
  1. Crew XP would carry over from ground / plane crew.
  • No, I am absolutely not leveling up the same crew to level 100 again man, that’s insane.
  1. Aiming system got reworked.
  • It is really unintuitive right now.
  • Sometimes you have to look with your binos outside of the target in order to properly zero your guns, not seing where you shots land. It’s really bad.
  1. Removed the ability to track targets behind solid cover.
  • Sorry but if you can’t see the target, you should just not be able to lock it and range it.
  1. Removed the ability of AI autofire. You’d just have to do the shooting yourself.
  • This would enable coastal to sneak upon bluewater ships and make planes viable
  • This is the least player engaging game mode in the whole game. All you do is set course and click on enemies. There is absolutely no need for AI gunners.
  • Alternatively introduce a COOP mode where your squadmate can take over designated guns.
  1. They would add proper detailed ingame tutorials.
  • Gaijin really expect players to watch 5 hours of videos on Youtube to learn how to play this mess?

They should also fix the tech tree currently you only play destroyers to unlock battleships. In my opinion there should be separate lines. Tier one should start with destroyers and light cruisers. Tier two we get the heavy cruiser line and battleship line starts at tier one. They should also make a mode where its just bluewater or increase the BRs of the damn coastal ships for the love of god


Because of the low player count they think they can go away with it :D

My US 5.0 HE shells with 36 mm pen take apart cruisers much, much faster than SAP. What a joke…
Should take out Atlanta just for the lols. I get constantly uptiered to 5.7 anyway. Feel sorry for the destroyers that have to face them now.

Nothing. Some people can’t seem to grasp that bugs are bugs.

  1. Nah, you are able to grind your crews with any branch of service. As I mostly play Naval atm, I use premium ships to grind out the crews. They are not a problem in Naval.

  2. Aiming system is really borked. I wanted to make a dedicated post about it. That oval indicator is often very misleading. Also, often it does not follow my aim. I would overshoot a ship (landing just behind it), correct it down by 1/4 inch (let’s say)… overshoot, correct again by 1/4 inch down… overshoot, correct it again by 1/4 inch… overshoot. Often I would shoot something like more than 2 inches down of the ship (that was going parallel to me (with a very slight approach)). Yes, I took my course into consideration… I was fully stationary at that time. How about times that I was forced to shoot above the ship that was approaching me? It just doesn’t make any sense.
    The old aiming system I was very good at (3 years ago). Some people didn’t like it, but I got good at it and was able to go against even 4 destroyers and come out on top. With this new one it’s just very inconsistent and the aim just refuses to budge when you change where you are aiming at. Other times you have to move a pixel up or down to hit the ship. I would be more than happy with the old aiming system. This is just yet another example when gaijin changes something (and borks it) that didn’t have to be changed. Now it’s just a stupid guessing game how the aiming system will behave in a match (this is for Arcade).

  3. Not so fast. At the long range you are able to shoot over islands. You can fire at a location that you cannot see. If the ship is already in the computer, you can predict where the ship is going to be. The computer doesn’t see where the ship is, it predicts based on calculations. How do you think artillery strike works? Do you think artillery sees the target that it shoots at? No, you just get coordinates on the map.
    If anything, this aiming system sucks so bad that when you are not locked on a target, the oval indicator wonders away from your aiming sights (sometimes it’s 3+ inches away). You cannot shoot over an island unless you lock onto someone. If you know a ship hides behind island, you should be able to shoot at that general location, given the shell drop.

  4. You are the captain of the ship. There are plenty of crew on that ship that have a job to shoot at the enemy the moment they spot them and the enemy is in the range. If you don’t want your crew to shoot, just press the E button. Boats have plenty of range with their torpedoes to make your life miserable already. They don’t have to get in AI’s range of fire. It’s up to you to stay out of their range.

  5. The problem with tutorials is that they get quickly outdated when gaijin changes the gameplay (or screws it up). The current update fiasco in Naval is a perfect example. They know it well and are too lazy to keep these tutorials updated (it requires extra coding). They give YouTubers extra perks to do the content for them. It really sucks when all the YT videos from few years ago are mostly useless (different aiming, different shell damage, different/changed maps, changes in BR, meta vehicles, nerfed/buffed armor due to “sekrit documents,” etc.). Yes, gj added some basic tutorials recently, but how long will these stay relevant?

The game needs some constants, some unmovable basis to make everything dependable. The only constant in this game is the endless component grind, grindy events, suck and the sucky match maker, noodle code that breaks 2 things when you change/fix 1, Soviet bias (lol) and tons of expensive premiums to buy. Not exactly a prescription for a fun game to play.