WT Mercenaries. The ultimate goal for the player that has everything

Warthunder End game

This is an idea in the making before i send it to suggestions.

Once you have spaded all vehicles for all nations at rank you are able to inport into the WT Mercenaries, treat it as another nation…

Mercenaries can fight other Mercenaries in match maker
5 inport slots for each rank you unlock (unlock more slots with GE)
You get normal SL rewards
Research points to be used to unlock the next inport rank, no longer gives RP to vehicles
No premiums (questionable ((gaijin cash machine) imagine a line up full of premiums) $$$$
Once inported can not be used for original nation (questionable)
If vehicles get moved into rank that you have not unlocked by Gaijin it becomes locked (balance (questionable) )

I get where you’re going with this. One huge problem though. War Thunder’s Premium focused business model does not encourage spading vehicles. Very few players are going to meet the criteria, so finding matches would be a problem.

That is the point of it, its end game, for players who have everything and can still grind for WT Mercenaries. As for finding matchies they can be on both sides, also like many other nations are used to make a team up.
But due to how long it would take a new player to grind eveything and not want them missing out i changed it to ranks of all nations. And then again if need be, the joining of WT Mercenaries conditions could be changed again to if you have a full nation and parts of others