WT Ground RB is disgusting

Just like the title says… but my 2 cents on it is half Gaijin to blame, half the player base…

I’m one of those who understood why, but still found stupid when back in 2014 the end of friendly fire in tanks came to place but man…

Through the years I always found stupid people starting the battle, just shooting team members, like if they eat icecreams with their foreheads, but the thing is, nowadays, specially around 10.0 br but quickly spreading to all what i felt that changed is:

  • players no longer care for battle ground, they just straight ignore points, protecting points, even capturing points, ambush, positioning, etc, they just go straight forward to enemy spawn.

  • players mostly die in the first charge to the enemy spawn, because of spawn protection, then J out after one death, and make the team loose the battle. This is 90% of the battles.

  • in the case of the other 10%, 7% are the ones when after 3 minutes of battle there is so much of a team doing spawnkills, that there isn’t even a come back.

  • 3% are those rare battles that last and are a true battle in the battlefield where there is no certain victory until the end.

  • Gaijin instead of you fixing the spawnkilling issue, a long and old issue in WT, you just made it worse. I made a long post with sugestions to save the game before you change the forum, and even enumerated all the maps where is possible to kill from spawn to spawn, and they were not few, and how that was killing the game… instead you make it even easier to spawnkill because you cut the edges or flank route of the maps, making it obligatory to go straight… you realize that you have different types of vehicles in the game right? some are slow, some fast, some tough, some fragile? some need hills to use atgms, some are good for speed? hope you do.

  • instead of making it impossible to spawnkill, have larger maps would fix that, specialy in the higher tiers where we’re having 2 minutes battles… my personal record was me alone, no team, in 2:20minutes… at 10.3… 16vs16… this is just disgusting, where is WarThunder Gaijin?

I could mention more but what I find it didn’t change:

  • Gaijin you didn’t fix the maps, the same maps that are amazing for ww2 era tanks, are now even worse, and are still not good for high br vehicles.

  • People can still spawnkill, now even worse with the speedrunners ingame.

  • People can still J out whenever they want, and hey, if they are really just using one vehicle… yeah, they don’t care if the rest is crew locked…

What I sugest:

  • Gaijin make the correction to spawnkill, make it impossible, let these speedrunners go play another game. Or you’ll have a very short lived game from now on because it is truly really easy to get tired of this gameplay.

  • Gaijin make 10 minutes all nations crew lock to anyone who J out after one death, and less than 4 minutes in battle. IDK make it impossible to enter with just one vehicle and make a proper crew lock on all nations.

  • Gaijin make bigger maps for high tier. Stop making new maps exactly the same you did in 2015, when the sherman and the tiger were top tier. These types of maps are ok, but for that era.

  • Gaijin make spawns dynamic, allways with the same distance to the center of the battle, but allways unpredictable, so we have to use diferent parts of the maps and not the same we’ve been using for 10 years…

And I’m kind of sorry for this rant and how it sounds but I must say, I was never one to say “oh I’m going to leave this game bla bla” because I’ve allways loved it but man… now I’ve come to it, I’m hating it, the player base managed to ruin the game. This is far from the game of even one year ago… what hapened to the battles? 3 minutes? in a big map? 16vs16 we can’t even have like 10 minutes battle, something? is the game really this dead already?

Even now I just started to try and make the event… I died after 2 or 3 minutes to respawn and find 6 enemies facing me in my spawn? I kill maybe one… maybe 2… just to die on spawn and not respawn again.

This gameplay that is ruining WT is like a virus, in the way that you have to do like them, just J out… what, respawn 5 times to get killed on spawn 5 times? is that the solution? ofc not…

Unfortunately, and for now, I must say, the joy of ground battles in WT is gone. I don’t recognize this game, and these speedrun to enemy spawn just to kill or die and J out, is pretty recent, like it began somewhere last year but now? now everybody is doing it and we found ourselves having to do it too so…
Yeah, player base to blame here, but hey Gaijin, you’re not guilt free also, you could have fixed a lot of maps issues years ago and now? now here you have the outcome. And the outcome is just not the same game, it is disgusting…

Sorry but in the last months this game mode became disgusting.

Oh and btw, what about the 4 game modes sugestion… like, arcade battles, realistic ab, realistic sb, and simulator battles?
You are so afraid of going against the new trends with video games that you are killing one amazing video game that made people play it for a decade. So just separate different game modes so you can make the ones who like the old way happy, and the new RocketThunder League players happy aswell.
The constant 1.0 br uptier is already enough why can’t we have a mode where there is no chance of playing a tiny tiny map with spawnkillers being… yeah, just that?

Rant over, and I assure you, it’s not only me, I’ve been talking to too many people that I really never expected them to say that they are so tired of the game BS that they are really thinking on giving up and forget WT. And they say that every day for the last month or so… Have you thought why is that?

Really hope you guys do something about it, it’s not easy to devote so much time and years to an amazing game just to play the last few months and find… this… whatever this is, because WT is not for sure.


Game is full of Glory Seekers, all they want is kills and ignore everything else related to Team Work.


It is not that strange as You are placed in a team of 16 random people (if not in squad) who have different goals.


I know lol Just stating thats how it is. I honestly don’t have a lot of issues with it. Annoying sometimes, but that’s just how it is.

WWM was a test of forcing players to cooperate but it failed

Yea, I never once tried it at all. So not sure how it is or was like.

I get what you guys are saying, about me being placed in a team of 16 random people or you guys not having a problem with it, I get it it is me and 31 more random humans but the thing is I never saw this before. One small example among the hundreds of even worse ones…


This happened and 20 seconds or so later I checked and…


1 minute and 40 seconds had passed since we spawned… c’mon? really? already spawnkilling?

This is there more than 90% of the 8.0 and higher battles for everyone to see… I guess the majority of people like the new kind of speedrun gameplay, or else they wouldn’t be doing it but this way, I can assure you that me, and a lot more players won’t be playing this game for the next 10 years like we did the last 10… that’s for sure.

And IMO all of the people will just grow tired of this gameplay really fast so… sad it is this way nowadays.


Spawn camping is something Gaijin allows which is why they don’t do anything about it. It’s sad honestly. They already said it’s not against the rules to do so. I hate it too. It’s been like this for years, just gotten worse over time I believe.


Without this threat the games are just face smacking. Oh look, game is just face smacking. What a great tactical game 🤣

And what’s wrong with it?

When you make sweet love in the future, you go down to business in 1:40 minutes, and you finish in less than 3 or 4 minutes, she will let you know what’s wrong with it.


Other thing that makes no sense to me, to those who are making the event when there is a tank event…

If you make 10 minutes battle, and you make 3500 points, with the multiplier it goes something like 5k points per battle.

In the case of this event, 7 battles, you have the 35k points needed.

If you make 3 or 4 minutes battle, 600 points at best because everybody gives up on the battle… it gives you like 1k points at best…
You’ll have to do 35 battles. Why are these speedrunners ruining it for everybody? Even for themselves.

I mean yea, spawnkilling takes pressure from your teammates which are still trying to capture points and the enemy can’t reinfocre so easily until the spawncamper is dead.
It’s effective and everybody does it.

I’ve heard worse excuses for driving forward, reach enemy spawn, die, J out… But ok.

I like to win sorry, so yes, i do it myself.
Without the J-out part.

That’s cool to win but you’re also not gonna make it an enjoyable experience. There’s a reason why games add a level of balance between both opposing sides. Cause it relies straight down on who is more capable of teamwork prioritization. When you do win it’s a very very enjoyable experience cause of the effort you put in both assisting the team by calling the shots.

WT however “It’s optional.”. So it incentivizes you to spawn camp. Not saying the other team wouldn’t do it. All of us are guilty of doing it. But better to make it not incentivized but rather make it high risk with high reward if it is done. Since spawn should be treated as a final last stand on either side of the team.

Not counting the number of times and since both teams are trying to reach the fastest spawnkill possible, that there are 2 or 3 guys in enemy spawn, showing the enemy that they are there, showing red in the minimap, to take pressure off the teammates in the point, and don’t even realize that their team is dead… because the enemies concentrated on killing them on the middle of the battle ground.

Lately I’ve been seeing the most dumb gameplays ever, and yes, when you play a random battle, you get with random people, it has allways been like that, people want to kill more and do more research and sl than the next guy, not playing for the team, but lately, it goes beyond playing for themselves, it goes just playing completely dumb…

Speedrun is what I’ve been seeing, it became just that, nothing more, ruining the game for everybody.

And if people like and love speedrun, good for them, I’m not the one who will say how they should be living, but the fact is that it has transformed the game in a matter of months to something that it wasn’t before for a decade(and yes it had spawnkillers and spawncampers but not this way…).

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I still think the big issue of steamrolls comes from the fact, that people leave after 1 death.
Which again mostly comes from the sale of premium and squadron vehicles.

I think spawn killing/ rushing just come from the facts that playing the objective doesn’t really reward that well, why even bother capping the obj when I can get the same amount of sl by just killing 1 or 2 dudes, why put myself in danger when I can just rush to spawn camp and get some sl that way and if I dies then tough luck, I can just quit and join another battle in less than 30s, why spawn my line ups if the team is losing or I’m not doing well anyway (or if they have a lineup at all).
It is baked into the gameplay at this point so unless they planning to do something drastic like remove repair cost or just buff obj rewards then it probly won’t be solved anytime soon.

In that I can agree with both of you, regardless of how we choose to play.
Most of people get used to this type of gameplay because they research an entire nation with one premium vehicle, when they are able to have a lineup of that same BR they are too used to use one vehicle, J out, next battle.

Some did it, now everybody does it.

@Zodicab I agree with you on the root of the problem, but imagine, I have about 5 nations around 10.0 now, since I’ve been playing since forever I am doing all nations. Today I decided to go swedish, ok I have 4 vehicles I want to play with, and spade, at 10.0 and 10.3… so I don’t mind dying and respawning in them so I can make points, and resarch their upgrades… see the problem here?

Am I suposed to just use one?

Other example, I’m finishing the 10.3 uk, so I still have 4 vehicles to use and research the upgrades, the rest is already spaded, doesn’t make sense to go and use the ADATS, and since I have no more vehicles of that BR in my lineup, I’ll just J out?

There is a reason why players make a lineup for that br, it is so they can spawn in more than one vehicle…

But yeah I get what you’re saying, I still fight to cap points, position myself around a point to ambush the enemy that tries to enter in it, while sometimes I’m the only one protecting B just to find my entire team in the enemy spawn…

Damn I’ve had cases of me alone in the midle of the battle ground and the entire enemy team in our spawn. And me going around capturing points and make them sweat while I was alone… this is just beyond dumb.