Would War Thunder be a better game in the hands of the modding community and away from Gaijin?

So just a quick simple question. Those of you familiar with Skyrim and Fallout by Bethesda (Or any other modifiable game) know how the standard game was compared to how great it is with mods made by the player base so I ask you would War Thunder be a better game if the player base could take over?

Have Gaijin lost the plot in the same way as Bethesda did with FO4 ? Did they ever have it in the first place,I mean has this game ever worked properly ? Will it ever be anymore than a broken mess in a constant state of repair? Same old forum full of same old complaints and they are "old " complaints.

Should the player base have more power or are the players responsible for ruining the game? What mods would you introduce to make WT better? It doesn’t have to be criticism maybe even just for fun.If you could franchise the game and take it away, how would it be? What changes would you implement?



It would become fractured and unplayeble.
To many “I wants” own “poltical agendas” would destroy what is.
It is not perfect but as a young child it has lot of “potential”.

Modding and the comunity is not allways the soultion.
Espacaly a game with that scope.


Definetly not since now everybody ballances what the majority wants. enjoy nerfing other things to hell

There needs to be a neutral entity(Gaijin currently). Majority votes will end up just messing everything up

Something is good and players hate it, majority ends up nerfing it into the ground until the one nation with the most players/ modders are leaves that nation Blatantly overpowered

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Sure helping with game code is awesome but you cant have milions of players run different versions of WT!!

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Russian tree would not exist if majority of players voted on everything lmao

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Is that not what has happened already with this forum? Just who do Gaijin appease with all these map changes ? Who wanted them? Who asked for them ? All the bushes removed,cant even shot through a wire fence any more? Some love CAS some hate it?

Would a few breakaways help the game survive? WW2 only ? Modern warfare only ? A TO game ,all under the WT umbrella.

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And Sweden would recieve so many nerfes to so many things.

This game would become a hotchpotch of contested vehicles being faught over being nerfed and buffed all the time.

lol ,like its not already

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Well nobody, but you would need to come up with a system where players could submit changes to the game, and there would need to be a constant team of game testers working on litterally millions of copies of WT with different mods. And not taking into account what would happen if two mods conflicted with eachother.


Low tier is pretty stable, but considering the complexity of the game and all the balancing factors that you have to remember, that get added as you go higher and higher in BR, it really isn’t surprising that high tier is far less so.

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The higher in br, the worse and messy this game gets. This game was after all not even remotely intended to support 4th gen aircraft. and the ground code is showing some obvious cracks.

Seriously in my eyes i say take what you can from War thunder and just start fresh with a new game with a stable ground code, not all this obvious spaghetti code that’s happening!

For me it would be worth it, to just abandon war thunder in its current version. To pursue a better more solid game.

Just find a way to reward old players with more time on their accounts or somehow, someway try to transfer vehicle progress. And keep the damn game in BETA!!


Maybe not within the current framework but certainly Warthunder could address its issues with a spin off series maybe.Like say, WW2 breakaway game or a modern game based on an imaginary WW3 between China/Russia and NATO .They might get a player base in their own right.

So for random (matched) battles, probably not.

But lots of other games have competitive play and still have a more vibrant modding scene too, within the limits they set. Creative Assembly and the Steam Workshops for the Total War games is a good example. Modding is promoted by the company, but is largely confined to the single player experience.

I think modding that broadened that single-player or small group experience, to allow more forms of PvE or greater control over things like victory objectives or the ability to create campaigns, was the missed opportunity there, given how little the company has currently been investing outside of PvP.


WT is not a young game. Its elderly by video game standards and is the incumbent in its genre/market segment.
WT’s game structure is pretty much painted into a corner at this point. It has thousands of vehicles but hundreds of duplicates. The progression system is bloated and convoluted to maximize “FTP” monetization.
But there is zero chance Gaijin would release the game to any outside control because its a cash cow. I’m sure even just trying to lift the “bare bones” of the models, and game engine into a new more equitable and streamlined game structure would get you sued.
Not gonna happen.


^ This is valuable input for sure,kind of thinking the same.Want the game to improve so I complain and suggest but sick of sounding negative ,yet feel my negativity is brought on by the game.

Maybe something like “Warthunder Counterstrike” or some snappy title. Just modern Warfare in a fictional WW3 scenario which gives scope to both realistic models but caters to fictional scenarios that allow new nations to be involved such as Iran,Turkey or South America.A new game with a new engine and no old BR issues or era worries and all the maps related to the game specifically .

Many people on here appear negative when they say WT can’t do certain things and turn down suggestions like TO or WW2 only but I think they are just being realistic.

The game is old ,the engine is old.The BR system sucks and never worked and the game just ran away with the introduction of new vehicles and nations with no rhyme or reason to them.A new modern game could see the introduction of South America and the Middle Eastern countries.Gaps in land units could be balanced with CAS for example,easier to implement form scratch. I guess Enlisted was a spin off so New versions of WT could work maybe.

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No one would agree on anything, and everyone would want their nation to the best. You see this on the forum so much, where you have players saying things like “your nation dominated for X amount of time, now it’s my nation’s turn to dominate.”

I don’t trust the community enough to give them that much power.


Fair point but do you trust Gaijin anymore? I wonder how many people look at how the game is going and the direction its taking and decide they wont commit to a years premium anymore.

That’s a solid no, and a hard no at that.
PS4 limitations need to be enforced on the community, which means Gaijin still has to run moderation on creations.

ED’s DCS has huge issues with mission creators using too many scripts and not narrowing focus, which leads to servers easily eating 20GB of RAM.

DCS’s creatorbase is more skilled than the exploration map devs, as skilled as both devs are.

On top of that, War Thunder has FAR more people thinking NATO and Soviets are gods than DCS.

Definitely not, as that’s the least popular servers on DCS as well, it’d make WT worse in balance and popularity.

Disinfo/misinfo for sure.
Dagor 6.5 was developed specifically to support these systems.
On top of that, Dagor 7 is obviously in development at this point.

No to the rest of your extremely terrible idea.

Gaijin are prove to be the most impartial of all parties discussed in this topic, even with one staff member’s love of Sweden.

Even you must understand the limitations of the games engine and just how badly Gaijin have painted themselves into a corner.OK so I understand the modding side not working but what could be the issue of Gaijin doing all the thing players want in new spin off games that cannot be done in the old game.Imagine the freedom they would have? The old WT stays as it is.New games free of all the mistakes Gaijin made with the old one.

C’mon be positive here

map rotation is very bad , major at hight tiers, only for limit your rewardsand if they want they can fix that quickly, i think they do that intentionaly