Would more SPAAs and better rewards make you play SPAAs?

Of the nations that you listed, I would say that only Japan is in a worse state than the US SPAA-wise. I would hope Japan gets some sub-trees in the future to address this. The others are new minor nations mostly just missing top-tier missile SPAA (with the exception of Sweden, which was just added and is already fairly analogous to the US). However, at top tier one Ito, ADATS, or Pantsir is really all you need to have on your team.

The US has one of the largest gaps in the game, has only one mid-tier fast-firing high-velocity SPAA, which at 7.7 is pretty useless. It’s other SPAAs are pretty lackluster except for the ADATS which is decent.

I play SPAA because I truly enjoy the gameplay for it. I can take care of CAS as I have learned to aim properly in the past 2 months or 3. I used to purely play them as TDs and for those stat checkers, K/D ratio will look bad, but slightly was able to improve by getting more air kills…Playing as TD was fun but that never benefited my team as I was unable to kill heavies or some mediums. Mostly light or open top tanks and I ignored planes a lot of the times. I do believe reward increase won’t make players use them still, maybe a few but for most no. It will be helpful for those who do though as they can make some SL doing so.

Waiting for these Vehicles for Japan as they will be able to counter helis a lot better than ADATS/Rolands/Soviet 2S38 premium/Puma.


Close Combat Vehicle (CCV)
Middle range Multi Purpose Missile

Some few images of the many games below. Every match or most matches I come out with tank kills and air kills while most of the time my team have less tanks kills and 0 air kills which means they don’ bother fighting CAS. I never allow CAS to take over, or try to.


I only play SPAA when I’m out of SP .Most are garbage and rely on very bad flying .You are just fodder mostly advertising your position with skywards fire, you cant see considering you are in an open vehicle. Its a poor gameplay expertise mostly.

I actually prefer the German halftrack to the Wirbel at 3-4 I can see and I can hide behind what small amount of cover Gaijin left on the maps after the last joke updates.
So my point is I am willing to do SPAA if War Thunder can be bothered to make them fun to play.
I am in GRB for ground units mostly, that is where the ground-based kills are and the zones are taken to win and achieve BP tasks.

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Anyone who uses the Y, 6, 1 that calls out air target should put a marker on enemy planes and temporary reveal them on the map, it will help a little on repositioning for tanks especially top tier but not much.

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I think it does now something similar. When someone call outs air, on the compass that you have on top of your screen will appear a plane symbol in the way where someone marked the plane.

The marker should be bigger and some other colour than white which doesn’t show up very well against a bright sky.

Simple guide on how to fix SPAA:
Step 1) Remove all AP/HVAP shells from all SPAA in the game.
Step 2) Adjust BR accordingly.

Boom, now you can put overtiered SPAA’s on lower BR which effectively bridges the massive gaps some nations have without adding any new machines. AP rounds removal would also make sure that players would stop abusing their brrtmobiles against tanks and focus their eyesight towards the skies instead.

Downside: Leopard I 40/70, R3, Praga, BTR, Falcon would stop genociding enemy teams, but that’s a sacrifice I am willing to take.


Was the French DCA not shifted heavily in BR because it was so effective as a tank killer?

As a result, France lost its SPAA in the 3-4 range which the DCA was specifically made by the Devs to fill?

Kind of shows how little the Devs think before they act and how they bow to computer stats rather than the humans who play this game.I mean do they even play themselves? I do wonder.

A real Duh !! moment for Gaijin, they are having too many of those lately :)

As you suggest, why did they not simply remove the AP from the 3.7 version or make two versions, one with no AP at 3.7 and one with SP at 5BR and give France double SPAA cover at two BRs?

They could do the same with the Italian AA and give it more ammo and raise its BR and double up for Italy.

Overall Gaijin don’t show an interest in SPAA. Its not sexy and its not a cash maker.