Would more SPAAs and better rewards make you play SPAAs?

I tend to play SPAA quite a bit nowadays so I don’t know whether bigger rewards would make me play it more but I wouldn’t rebuff the idea anyway.

What if the rewards were proportional? The more kills a CAS plane gets, the more reward you get for shooting it down?

The SPAA rewards should be better given how influential CAS is on game outcome.

The ground assaults have waves of bot planes in them, and since its arcade, you get the lead indicator to show lead and deflection. Just notice where it is and learn to shoot there and don’t get dependent upon it.

It is not just US that sorely lack SPAAs. There is a UK, Japan, France, Italy, Sweden. Most of them are in mid tiers. so anywhere from 4.3 to 7.0/7.7. Lets looks at Sweden. At 4.3 they get a Lvkv 42. Fire rate isnt bad, the shells you get arent bad either (especially SAPHE shell for TD) but all you get is 13 clips of ammo that you fire into a minute. And that is suppose to fight till you get to VEAK 40 or ItPsV at 8.7? (I know there is a Zsu-57-2 at 7.0…but we all know that is more of TD then SPAA) And it is similar at other nations. Instead of adding new SPAAs into those massive gaps, we for some reason get a low tier SPAAs where it isnt needed at the moment (like France this update)


I’m going to be real with you, these SPAA’s (at least the Italian ones, which I can attest to) are not being used as tank destroyers anymore. The Leo 40/70 and R3 are just straight up too vulnerable to MG’s to be any use and they don’t do enough pen to be useful. if they both dropped a full BR (or maybe even just 0.7 BR) it’d be a different story.

Additionally, I would personally add that slow-firing/high-caliber SPAA’s are largely useless in game as SPAA’s and should be removed/replaced with fast-firing SPAA’s. For a time I was doing somewhat decent with the Leo 40/70, but after a couple days I lost whatever affinity I had for it and now it’s been at least a week since I’ve been able to shoot down a single plane. The ZSU-57-2 is in a similar spot (can you tell I only play Italy in ground lol?), I’ve never managed to shoot a single plane down with it outside of the test drive.

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Yeaaa the thing is the Gun on the Lvkv 42 is a Bofors L/70 that the devs messed up. Its supposed to use the same munitions as the Leopard 40/70 or french one. Ive submitted a report several months ago. And with that the SAP-HE will be removed due to being the wrong callibre

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Well i just shoot when they are slowing down or get in close often kills them.

My experience is that even at 100-200m when they’re headon-ing you, you’ll already be dead by 3 bullets from the plane’s MG’s before you can correct the aim of your second shot.

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depend on what you mean by playing

if it just spawning when needed (ie when i get killed by cas) even without more reward i already do that and more reward would be welcomed

if it mean spawning first or even maining spaa probably not, i play ground for its tank mainly heavy(ww2) an mbt(modern) cause that what im interested in

I have had no struggle with the Leo 40/70 or R3 destroying or disabling tanks as of late. They have very good pen for their caliber (the Leo 40/70 has something like 95mm of pen, which is very good especially for the 40mm). In fact, I have achieved several nukes with these vehicles because of how capable they are (as well as the ZSU-57, it’s speed and fast fire rate is absurd). Also, the Leo 40/70 is not slow firing, it fires very fast for the kind of gun it is.

Overall, yes, high caliber slow firing SPAAGs are not necessarily ideal to have in game, HOWEVER they are playable and can serve a purpose.

Also, yes they may be weak to MGs, but it is simply a trade off for fast, decent penning guns and fast chassis. As with all tanks, their is a weakness.

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I like having the option of spawning SPAA, but I’ve found that if I’ve died in my first spawn tank, it’s a 50/50 if I will even see enough planes to warrant being “knocked out” for most of the fight waiting for aircraft that may never come. I’m no S tier player, but I do consider myself to be quite good at a lot of BR’s I play often, and letting my team die to tanks I could be killing is often just as bad as letting them die to a plane I might have otherwise shot. SPAA, for weal or woe, is balanced in this game for less experienced players who already died twice without doing much so they can get a little revenge with what SP they’ve still got and maybe get back in the fight. It’s not a vehicle type you’d typically play to carry the whole match except for the rare Falcon or Gepard killing spree.

It’s probably why I tend to say that there aren’t really any problems with CAS in the game right now aside from top tier, which I also give a pass since it is constantly changing with newer and newer tech being added. Most people who are spawning planes are coming in with one or two 1000lb/500kg bombs, getting one or two kills, then either dying to suicide or being shot down. They flush their own SP down the toilet half the time just to get a little revenge on somebody and then the problem is solved before you even need to really act. Meanwhile a strong tank in a good position at a full uptier could easily get 4-5 kills in the same time even with a mediocre player at the wheel.

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What mode are you playing? I play both AB & RB GF battles and CAS usually appears within in the first 2 minutes of the battle. This happens more so in RB but AB is not too far behind. Plenty of aircraft to engage and early as well.

As for the OP, yes WT needs more SPAA across all tiers and all nations. Also agree the rewards need to be buffed. I’d also give all SPAA vehicles the ability to scout enemies.

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I mean disabling isn’t usually an issue in terms of tacking out someone’s tracks, but whether or not you can take out someone’s barrel or their engine is very very hit or miss (pun not intended). I have only gotten kills on open-topped light tanks with the Leo, but have managed a few crits on mediums. The R3, however, I think I’ve only managed to kill open-topped light tanks/SPAA.

I mean I guess, but with the amount of correction you have to do because of its slow velocity round it’s not really enough.

Personally I think that if they are pennable (or just don’t have armor in front of the crews) by a 7.92mm or 12.7mm round a vehicle is going to be nearly unusable outside of scenarios where you’re shooting at a plane not focused on you. Essentially you just have to get lucky for them to have much use.

Yeah, top tier SPAA is mostly a joke when not only you have a Jets that can fly far beyone your radar and missile reach and can kill you easilly. And with CAS what you said with suicide bomb yeah, can be true…but then there are the CAS players (which i do myself) Drop bombs, strafe targets as much i can then then go back to rearm and if i can do that as much as i can i will do it.

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The U.S or any other countries in that regard DO NOT HAVE a specific missile or bomb or smth that can out range the pantsir but improvments can be made for other nations that dont have that kind of spaa

I think there are weapons/missile with a greater range then pantsir…but then the problem is rendering. Im happy when i play CAS i see enemy tank at 4km like a small moving black dot

Yes the rendering is a problem but the only nation that has +20km missiles is USSR with the Kh 29 i believe and now in this update the Kh 38 too

Yeah. But we are here to discuss a SPAA…which has a similar problem to rendering and that is sound. Like im sorry but if there is a plane flying around the battle field under 1-2km from ground and i cannot or barely hear it also doesn’t help in playing SPAA

I use headphones, and I don’t really have to many issues listening to where CAS are coming from. There are times though where it’s difficult to determine if they are high or low, but I think that’s some weird Gaijin thing. I’ve also turned off speed of sound, as for me at least caused all kinds of issue.

It used to be horrible before with the sounds. With direction it got better. But yeah, same problem with guessing if they are high or low.