Would Gaijin like to provide the playerbase with Win-Rate statistics for Top Tier?

…because we’re onto (begins counting…loses count) multiple updates where Top Tier Russian teams are running riot thanks to the amount of borked balancing, dodgy coding, questionable dev choices and generally skewed armour models.

The complaints are all well known, all the questionable bits (cough - T-80 cardboard ERA having magical properties to bend time and space - cough) are common knowledge - so I won’t repeat them here.

Of course if the devs are genuinely working on the premise that all is broadly equal then I’m sure they’d be more than happy to provide us with statistics to prove that some nations teams are not overperforming relative to their peers. We know Gaijin gather data of this kind, we know they use it in balancing and economic decisions.

You’re doing great on the roadmap so why not continue the good work by getting some form of balance into top tier? At the very least some concrete numbers. Any comments? @Smin1080p


Would Gaijin like to provide the playerbase with Win-Rate statistics for Top Tier?

  • No they would not.
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I guess it won’t tell you much anyways. Since a couple of weeks or even months, top tier matchmaking is very, very mixed. Its never a pure russian team and quite often its rus on both sides.

Any win-rate statistics would say nothing.

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Actually I think you could easily remove the ‘other team’ factor quite easily. Simply pull up the stats for matches where RU has been the sole nation on a team (it happens a lot at Top Tier GRB).

For a more granular set of stats - you could pull the WR results of players of RU vehicles at top BR. It wouldn’t be perfect; but if you compared them like-for-like with other nations then it would at least give you an overall figure (bigger, smaller, or about the same).

Edit to add - Gaijin collects data for the (ever-hated) spreadsheet/algorithim on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. It isn’t a massive jump to guess that they also gather data on WR performance of those vehicles - so if the vehicles of X nation all tend to win more then it goes beyond just a random blip in the figures.

There is a website you can use called WT data project, I’ll link it, it logs all battles from a certain time period spanning over 1-3 days.

Let me use the top bracket as an indicator of the balance at top tier in ground rb

As any top tier player who is grounded in reality cpuld guess, Russia maintains the highest winrate, with the 2nd and 3rd highest being China and France, what those two nations in have in common is that they are the most frequent allies of Russia in the current matchmaker.


The real issue is the ODLs, and those who bail on the whim that they think they’re not going to succeed/make lions/ gonna die by a disliked vehicle/nation/method/ or just generally any reason why they shouldn’t ‘try harder’ or ‘do anything’ to change anything.

This MAKES the match a lost cause because it’s literally giving up, so if the team sees there’s a Russian enemy, and they see that they’re not going to get anywhere they will likely bail,. leaving the team to fend for themselves.

And this affects the stats constantly because of that confirmation bias that they cause by giving up and bailing.

Do you actually know how they are pulling the data they are displaying here?

USA and Germany being red at a BR where they have the best tanks in real-life is quite funny.

Russia at top tier, has 32119 games! Meanwhile Germany and USA has half that.

Which is explained by this ^. ^



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Yea, I’d read that… You’d have to actually wonder how accurate it really is.

No, or they will have to face the Russian Bias issue while they can at least trying to cover it now.

It not good data as it is only has stats for players who sign up on the site. It has the javelin with a 88+% win rate if that is anything to go by.

Yea, or whoever is queried…

I do remember though on the old forum a while back, someone was scraping the replays for information for a short while, not that it gave anything fruitful I don’t think, it was just cool to see people finding things and looking around.

This uses TS data I believe which to my knowledge is fully and completely useless.

I see no reason to believe this is a widespread occurrence to the point it would give russia massive win rates.

So you’re saying that people don’t ODL because they face Russia, as some of those who ODL proclaim to…

I am saying its not widespread enough to cause a large difference in win rates. The win rate is caused by russia’s performance.

The fear, and unwillingness to face that opponent, or even play on certain maps, makes that want to show bias, biased…

You don’t think it’s widespread enough, but when I have a match and find that 1/2-3/4s of the team is leaving ODL, I know it’s affecting matches…