Would AAM-3s on the EJ Kai shift the 10.7-11.7 meta

As should be common(ish) knowledge, the EJ Kai was capable of carrying the AAM-3 missile, would the addition of AAM-3s to the EJ Kai shift the balance of the 11.7 bracket? Consider that the precedent is there with the Mirage 2000C S-4 and S-5.

The EJ Kai would go to 12.3 more than likely.
Mirage 2000C is both under-BR’d and with less weapons on an F-16C equivalent airframe.
The EJ Kai is already the best 11.7 in the game only surpassed by the under-BR’d Mirage, if I want to use AAM-3s I play the F-15J.


Mirage-2000’s arent under br’d by any means, they dont have enough firepower to deal with 12.0/12.7 thats why 5F model sits at 12.3 even tho it has 4 Magic-2 option plus HMD and amazing cas abilities also F-14A sits at 11.7 where it can easily destroy Ej-Kai.

Ej-Kai is very strong opponent at 11.7 but its certainly not the best one.

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F-14A has an inferior radar and weapons to the EJ Kai.
All the F-14A can do is out-dogfight the EJ Kai in a 1v1.

F-14 has Fox-3 missiles while having same Sparrows and inferior ir missiles.

In terms of radar performance F-14’s radar is actually Better but lacks proper Rwr but you can compensate it by bein careful.

It can easily surpress EJ-Kai in BVR section and force it to get into merge which is basically death sentence for Kai.

And the AIM-54s are worse than the AIM-7Fs.
And no, the F-14’s radar is an older type radar, and in WT it can only reliably deal with front-aspect targets.

Key section is they are Fox-3 which gives you the edge when it comes to forcing opponents hand and taking better positions, you should never rely on Phoenix when it comes to achieving scores.

F-14’s radar is the most powerful radar that was installed on any fighter and it easily surpress Ej-Kai’s basic F-16 radar due to sheer power,range and more modes.

İf Kai had improved APG-68 then situation could’ve different tho.

F-14A’s radar was the most powerful at the time.
It was quickly surpassed, and the radar was replaced with the F-14D program.

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It didnt lmao, at least compare to basic APG-68 its still better.

Nothing surprised here considering Tomcat flew until 2000’s so its normal to replace old AWG-9 with APG-71.

As one of M2K player, 11.7BR is really questionable since Magic 2 has been buffed.

Wouldn’t be surprised even if C-S4 and C-S5 moved up to 12.0.

Problem is they only have 2 ir missiles and very limited Cas options compare to other 12.0’s.

They might recieve br buff in the future considering 5F will be moved to 12.7-13.0 because of MICA missiles.

not in game…