With the recent changes to the 2S6, it's BR needs to adjusted accordingly

The 9M311 has similar stats to the Adats’ missiles. Yet the 2S6 is 10.7 and the Adats is 11.7.

While the Adats has the abilitly to ambush tanks, so can the Tunguska, just with it’s cannons.

There is little reason as to why the 2S6 should remain at it’s current BR with missiles comparable to top tier SPAAs.


Pantsir is 11.7, it makes no sense to put two SPAA at same BR. Also ADATS have 12km range vs 8 km on Tungy. Tungy now became useable again, its in good place. Before the latest change it was unusable.


I agree with you tunguska is in perfect place rn as it was.

Both have 10km range, but practically neither have 10km range unless it’s against a plane going headon while not maneuvering.

Anyways, the missiles might be similar. I know at least that the ADATS’ missile is pretty good for closer ranges but >6km it just doesn’t pull anymore. Probably similar for the Tunguska, but I don’t know, so if anyone could confirm that would be great. The major difference between the two however is that the ADATS’ missiles are beam riding, which makes it so there is no RWR launch warning. This elevates the otherwise kinda eh missile for its BR to higher levels. The Tunguska can not do the same.

The recent buff might warrant the tunguska to go to 11.0 or so, simply because planes at its BR have often pretty bad RWR, so the issue from before isn’t that important. But bringing it too high and it will be completely useless due to the launch warning. So I think 11.0 tops as now it might just be a bit too strong in downtiers, but I’m not sure.

I confirm, above 6km it already behaves like a rocket before the buff; no pull, poor response etc.

Agreed, 10.0 sounds reasonable as 9.7 would be too low.

Tested 3 matches on high energy pull you can’t get any jet whatsoever even if it say’s 32g’s feels like 15g’s if not radar and thermals i would still consider taking strela more than this thing. Only way’s i catched anyone when they lost energy on high maneuvering.

Well I would like to say that 9M311 still works terrible,I don’t think they’re any better than Stingers.The Over-G is like sh1t.So,stay in 10.7,this is more appropriate.

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If you think that the 9M311 is a glorified stinger you either haven’t played a vehicle with stingers or the Tunguska.

Either way, how do you people that think that the Tunguska is a 10.7 vehicle explain that the Rolands are all 10.3? The missiles have 12G less overload, are slower (Roland 3s move at 570m/s, whereas both 9M311 and 311-1 are moving at 910m/s or nearly 1.6 times as fast) and the vehicles themselves are without cannons and can only fire 2 missiles before they have to reload.

Yet, we have so many examples of just that.

Could you compare the pen of the missiles? I think you might find a difference there.

He is talking about stats against planes not ground tanks and also said:

He was asking about their br difference and the brs are not just balanced based on their anti air abilities. Also, 65mm pen guns vs 900mm pen missiles.

Lol, ever played the FlaRakPz or FlaRakRad recently?

The Tunguska beats both in mobility, 2nd armament and overall Missile responsiveness & agility.

At least, Tunguska needs to be raised to BR 11.0, imo BR 11.3.

Additionally, the ADATS doesn’t come with a ~80SP cost.

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Tungy before this change was in same unplayable state like Roland and Ito/Flarakrad. So yeah,it just became useable again, tho the missle dont really pull the 32G on longer distances and still easily miss target flying perpendicular, if anything it should stay where it is, and Ozelot go down to 9.3 and Strela up to 9.7. While keeping Rolands where they are or putting the German one back to 10.0 where it initially was.

Rolands should move down.

Then you need to move the manpad launchers down. Then the radar guided cannon SPAAGs. Then… You get the idea?

Or just move the tunguska up. Because that is the problem.

I do get the idea that most SPAAs are overtiered and should be brought down, especially IR-based ones. Rolands are a piece of junk and shouldn’t be at 10.3, ever.

The fact that the tunguska is 10.7 and the OTOMATIC 11.3 makes no sense too, the fact that a gun based spaa is at 11.3 is the cherry on top of how stupid the top tier SPAA balance is.

I think that tunguska should be 11.3 so doesn’t overlap to the pantsir, ADATS got moved to 11.7 most probably because is end of the line and need to “balance” the Pantsir (ADATS can deal very well with tanks too, pantsir just dominate as an spaa).
For rolands i think 10.3 is fine, i would actually like to see the otomatic at 10.3 too to be honest and maybe the adats at 11.3 too if they add something to get over it? is there anything over it?

I actually think that most rolands can chill easily at 10.7 too, i don’t think they will struggle.
try hitting an F16C flying in the stratosphere with a 76mm then we can talk.

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Interesting claim from someone that never used Rolands.

Try hitting anything at 4km that isn’t afk then we can talk.

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