Wishlist for Germany (WIP)

weird, basically shared armor holes? also around the headlights its a chance of you penetrating the 2A7V and i have accidentally done it before

Ive hit a 122B PLSS on the lip like dead on and it went through. Like i said i don’t notice a difference in survivability when fighting them. Its either i miss my breech shot on them and they take no damage or i hit them correctly and they both die. Ive had them both lose their turret rings when i do bottom plate them which is weird.

So again my original statement was that Thodin is crying over literally nothing. They both have trade offs with the 2A7V being better. The only big difference is lineups which is fair but to say the 2A7V is inferior is pretty annoying. Though imo the longer barrel could be argued as a negative since its longer and pushing corners could have it be a problem but i dont find that to be very valid in an argument.

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ah yeah i mean not everyone is like that, he does that often and gets too aggresive and serious in this kind of stuff

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Oh i agree not everyone is like that but he really does scream some “opinions” lol. Just a bad apple in the community.

Hey guys the extra armour upvrade on the toger was called the Asgard upgrade or…

I was thinking this as well, the Swiss F18 could probably be a non-TT aircraft like the Swiss Hunter and its TT equivalent would be the Eurofighter.

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I recall argentina being denied as a subtree.
Am i correct?

I think many german players would like to know about future plans for germany and whether the argentinian vehicles will be removed.
For example the TAM can be replaced (practically renamed) to the TH-301 and TAM 2C can be replaced by the TAM 4 (developed version by germany not taken up by argentina).
You could move the argentinian vehicles to premium side or event side or new tree to make space for swiss vehicles.
Is this in the plans anywhere?

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Standard answer we do not remove vehicle from players that already own them and dont plan to replace the tams in the germak tech tree. They were placed there because of german involvment.
About swiss there is no official news that hint to the addition so stay tuned for the future we pf course plan to add new vehicles to every nation etc etc

It’s funny when german development but not purchasing for the TAMS is enough to add them into the tech tree but german development but not purchasing for the Kf-41 lynx is not enough to add it into the tech tree

Especially prototype or Australian version


I was actually about to buy the TAM-2C but i was like nah… I don’t need more premiums

Lets be real the british would argue that it’s their tank because Australia is theirs.

you mean TAM-2IP? cuz the TAM-2C its the TT version

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Australia denied lynx. So…

Doesnt change the fact that its the british mindset. I mean AU CF-18 and AU F111K? Literally no ties to britain vehicle wise. Or finnish patria advertised in britain but wasn’t bought yet they’ll probably get it.

What to say: Brits with emperial ambitions…

Tbf i think if a vehicle made by x nation is bought from a different nation, KF41 for example it should go to both nations. If not bought then it should go to producer nation. Its fairly simple but gaijin does what they decide.


With history of lynx for Germany i think better to have prototype with 35 mm. Just tested in Germany and didn’t go anywhere.

Mayhaps near 9.7 👀 (money grind lineup.)