Wishlist for Germany (WIP)

I might be blind

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XD I’ve only ever seen those on Hogan’s Heroes, and I always assumed they were just a prop made to look something like a tank for the average audience. It looks like a frightening mix of a Sherman and a Nashorn.




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M16 Halbkettenfahrzeug - Higher sides and a gun shield for extra protection

Flakpanzer M42 - Different track covers with extra head lights (I think) and rubber side skirts and mud flaps.


My grandfather served on the M42 in the Bundeswehr. Would love to see it ingame


For real. This is mind boggling

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Funny thing is that this vehicle is already in game. Just in low-poly form on Air Maps.

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At least it uses the same armament as the Wirbelwind, so I’m okay not having it as a playable vehicle. However it is beyond me why Gaijin chose to include the Hummel as an AI unit but not a tech tree one.

The community should’ve been begging for this thing from the start instead of a StuG with a different chassis that will be forgotten a few days after its addition.


If you look up the suggestion on this forum for the Hummel, it gets a crazy selection of ammo!

Does someone know if now the LuWa or a similar small tankette is off the table with the boxer as the wiesel replacement?

The boxer just seems to heavy to airdrop efficiently. I would prefer rat tank aswell =)

the boxer its already decided, also shameless self promotion, this just got accepted


damn that’s sad to hear. The wiesel was one of the last and definitely the most famous tankette.

Was hoping for a competitor for the LuWa aswell.

But at least the LuWa can get added

The boxer is nice aswell but that the boxer gets added was certain

Do you know how many reloads the Milan 113 could carry?

I don’t know how many atgms

Wiesel 1 TOW with MEXAS applique armor


this should be an upgrade package lol


oh god

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Boxer was never meant to be a replacement for the Wiesels in service by the Fallschirmjäger (airborne troops) but regular Jägers, which are kinda the normal infantry, though now becoming more like a light version of the Panzergrenadiere…

Wiesel in airborne role will be replaced by the LuWa, though not in the form of the prototype. For example the 27mm got replaced by a 25mm as that caliber has dual fed variants available and with the F-35 it enters the Bundeswehr anyways.


there is one in the works, but its also going through a major redesign
TLDR the quad tracks are being replaced with 2 tracks and the turret is being redesigned. Armarments will probably be a 20/25/27mm turret and a Euro-spike turret option